Requirements of Steel for the Watch Making Industry

disassembled watch movement

There are various types of watch making steel. In principle, one differentiates between parts for movements and parts which are used for the watch case and its parts (as well as watch straps). The parts have the highest demands on precision, the materials require a fine structure. Hardenable carbon steels are usually not corrosion-resistant. Therefore, corrosion-resistant, hardenable steels are used for the medium- and high-price segments for all moving parts. Achievable hardness 600 HV. Non-moving parts are made of brass and / or copper nickel alloys (nickel silver).

Watch case steel requires the best corrosion resistance, as well as the highest demands on the polishing ability. A point that’s becoming more and more important today is the clock’s non-magnetism, as the influence of electronic devices in our environment increasingly adversely affect the clock’s accuracy.

A quantum leap for the production of steel parts necessary in the watch or clockwork industry is the use of stainless steel produced by a technique called powder metallurgy. In this process the steel is melted and after pushed through a nozzle under high pressure, after cooling the “steel haze” becomes a very fine steel powder. The powder is melted again and this results in a steel quality with an extremely homogeneous and fine structure.

tourbillon with gears

LAW 100 X®, a watchmaking steel with excellent qualities

One of the most suitable steels for the manufacturing of parts for clockworks or watches is the unalloyed, lead free LAW 100 X®. This new generation of watchmaking steel is produced with the technique of powder metallurgy. Due to its extremely fine structure, no lead has to be added, and thus the LAW 100 X® also meets the criteria of environmental friendliness.

It has an extremely low distortion and is suitable for the manufacturing of even the smallest precision parts and instruments.

At the reworks such as tempering/hardening, coating or polishing of parts, spectacular results are obtained. Because of its high wear resistance it is ideal to use for parts which are constantly in motion and therefore highly qualified in the watch making industry. Moving parts such as pivots, axles, pinions and gears are made from LAW 100 X®.

The use of LAW 100 X® is not limited to the watchmaking industry, it is also used in the automotive industry and for the production of heavily stressed parts for tool making machines.

Chronifer® M-15 X, high-quality steel for watch making

One excellent steel for the manufacture of clockwork parts or precision parts for watches is the Chronifer® M-15 X. It is a stainless hardenable martensitic steel which is produced by vacuum melting (Micro-Melt®) and a special powder metallurgic process.

Martensitic stainless steel is extremely tough and strong and shares some similar characteristics with ferritic steel, but it has a higher carbon content. Therefore it can be hardened and tempered, its corrosion resistance is similar to that of an AISI 304.

By this manufacturing process a finer and more homogeneous material structure is achieved. This results in higher corrosion resistance, more regular workability and lower distortion after hardening. Furthermore, it is characterized by better polishing ability and fatigue resistance. Due to its excellent properties Chronifer® M-15 X is especially qualified for pulling smallest tolerances and for the very economical production of small precision parts. In the watchmaking industry it is used for the production of pivots, bridges, pinions, plates and other clockwork parts.

The use of this steel is not limited to the watch making field, it is also used in the medical industry for manufacturing of medical instruments.

L. Klein SA, is trader and distributor of watchmaking steel. Thanks to their many years of experience and specialization they can give advice which material is suitable for the different parts and precision moving parts of watches. They have high quality watch making steel available on stock and deliver worldwide even in small quantities and units.

Panerai P.2002 Calibre

Hand-wound mechanical, P.2002 calibre, executed entirely by Panerai

When Officine Panerai has started to pursuit the need to entail a complete overhaul it wasn’t about making little changes, modifying small details or proceeding to make some additions. The desire to become a true manufacturer was translated through the creation of their own entirely in-house developed movement. And it all started with the calibre P.2002, as the first calibre signed by the Neuchatel manufacture, that has proved to be the delight of the Paneristi, being the result of the now famous know-how of the brand.

You can call it a multipurpose mechanism, as it is a hand-wound calibre that delivers accurate time measurement (hours, minutes) and has multiple features like small seconds, date, GMT, 24h indicator, a power reserve indicator and a second reset mechanism.

Panerai movement with power reserve 8 days

In order to provide all these functions, it works with 21 jewels and has a total of 247 components. It’s a large movement with a diameter of 13 3/4 lines (31mm) and a thickness of 6.6 mm.

A stunning 8 days power reserve is translated, at the level of the dial, by a linear indicator. Three spring barrels positioned in series  can be hand-wounded through the winding crown. When fully wound at 8 days there are less fluctuations in accuracy, another benefit being the fact that winding it up every 7-8 days means insignificant wear on the components.

The GMT function can be read due to a specific hand on the dial that shows the time in the place of departure. The winding crown does the job of setting the second time zone. It has three positions and the intermediate one adjust the local time while the date indicator updates automatically. When the crown is pulled out to its furthest position, the hands of the watch show you the local time and the central hour hand of the second time (a bit shorter then the main local hour hand, in order to differentiate itself) also moves so you can see the difference between your local time and the time in the departure place. And to make sure there isn’t any confusion, the watches bearing this mechanism have a AM/PM indicator informing you about the GMT over 24 hours.

This position of the winding crown also engages the zero reset device, moving to zero the seconds hand of the small sub-dial so you can synchronize the watch with a reference time signal.

Another strong point of this calibre is its resistance to shock, because the balance-cock is fitted with two supports, unlike most ETA automatic movements. The Glucydur balance and the KIF Parechoc anti-shock device are also assuring that time delivery is made without any external interfering.

And with a water resistance up to 100 meters, we can see why this calibre is a true masterpiece that keeps alive large case models such as the 44mm Luminor 1950 8 Days GMT (Oro Rosso, Platinum, acciaio,or the Left-Handed versions) the 47mm Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni or the impressive Egiziano, with a case diameter of 60mm.

Luxury Watches Stores in Thailand

Siam Paragon luxury mall entrance

Thailand is a country of immensely diverse natural and modern developments. A country comprised of 77 provinces each with a story to tell. With its Golden Triangle connections in the north, historical and rice producing central regions, vibrant capital and idyllic islands, Thailand can capture the mind of travelers for more than weeks.

In this unique part of the world most luxury jewelry brands can easily be found in special stores and in glamour malls like Siam Paragon which is an enormous upscale shopping mall and entertainment center. This fantastic mall has been built in 2005 at a cost of US$375 million, a true paradise of luxury and elegance. Since its launch, the complex has attracted large crowds of tourists and Thai people as well. It houses various stores of the most prestigious hi-end brands, the biggest and finest jewelry and watch center chic apparel, cutting edge fashion and beauty products, decorations, handicrafts, luxurious lifestyle products, broad range of delightful dining venues, all-time gourmet food market as well as superior entertainment opportunities. Once you arrive here you are hypnotized. All the top name brands are found in Siam Paragon, some of the most famous designers’ boutiques include Montblanc, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, Valentino, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Chloè, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo. The shopping complex is extremely glamorous and elegant. This dynasty-styled mega mall covers an area of 300,000 m² and is covered in opulence.

The luxury watches shops found here offer to their customers an impressive range of high end product so they can choose an unforgettable gift for their loved ones or for themselves.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has a few shops in Thailand. Most of them are located in Bangkok and in Phuket. Here you can admire and shop some of their amazing products. The strict tradition of Swiss watchmaking has been used to guarantee perfection for these wrist watches. Every single piece has been individually tested to ensure that it is water-resistant and functions flawlessly. Nevertheless, a limited International guarantee protects your investment against any manufacturing defect for a period of two years; a great reassurance for any customer.

Tag Heuer offers to all its customers an international guarantee card, located in the guarantee booklet received with the watch. This must be signed and dated at the time of purchase by an approved TAG Heuer retailer or, by a dedicated TAG Heuer Boutique and must be enclosed with the watch when it is sent for repairs. TAG Heuer will not honor the guarantee for watches sold without a valid guarantee card properly filled out and signed by an approved TAG Heuer retailer or by a dedicated TAG Heuer Boutique; this is a way to promote their product as being the best.

The prices of these spectacular watches range from $3,000 to more than $10.000, number that fade when you consider their unique design and exceptional craftsmanship.


Seiko is proud of being a classic watches manufacturer for over a century. Grand Seiko’s Caliber 9S is the pinnacle of Seiko’s watchmaking today, offering the very best watches for everyday use. It all started with a revolutionary vision which is now a reality.

Some of their iconic models are the Black Ceramic Limited Editions, Spring drives, Mechanical Hi-Beat and Grand Seiko Historical Collection. These are world known for their distinctive design and amazing accuracy.

Seiko is one of the numerous luxury watches shops that can be found in Bangkok. Located in the center of this colorful and loud Thai Capital, the store amazed its customer with a diversity of gorgeous timepieces. In order to prevent them from buying a fake watch Seiko staff warns every potential customer to be careful when they decide to purchase one of these products and they recommend not ordering a Seiko watch from any website, unless it is an authorized Seiko dealer. Their famous stores can be found in Thailand capital and only one shop in central of the city Nonthaburi.


If you want to experience a unique journey, from a watch’s initial inception to its amazing completion then we recommend a breath-taking insight into Montblanc’s evolution.

Why are Montblanc’s watches so exceptional? Because they are handmade by the finest of European craftsmanship; these iconic horological instruments have secured their cult status. At every step, you will find master craftsmen working diligently to input their expertise and passion into these fine wristwatches, creating incredible pieces that amaze even the most demanding customer.

There are three major Montblanc shops in Bangkok and many other across the country. Here you will find splendid watches, fine writing instrument, stunning leather products, elegant jewelry, enthralling fragrances and contemporary eyewear. Discover the all-encompassing collection that Montblanc has to offer.

Criss Angel Breitling Diamond Super Avenger

When you work with the public like Criss Angel does, every part of your outfit needs to be carefully adjusted. Criss is playing with the human mind, doing tricks and performances that would surprise even the most skeptic viewer and he needs distractions and advantages that he can use during his shows. His outfit is also part of the performance, so there is no surprise that his watch is as special as the person wearing it.

Breitling has a wide variety of watches, each one with different features and designs, but the Diamond Super Avenger one that Criss is wearing is truly attention grabbing. Surrounded by diamonds and with a professional, but elegant appearance, Criss can wear it not only during his shows  but also during other public appearances.

Breitling Super Avenger with Diamond s on bezel and band

The watch has a resistant, classy steel case that will not get easily broken or scratched. It is water resistant and it will work perfectly fine up to 300 m deep in the water. With a non-slip grip, every screw is adjusted to prevent water and dirt from going inside, not to mention how much this adds to the elegant look of the watch. The chronograph is self-winding and it is certified by COSC, so it is truly reliable in terms of precision.

The classic version of the watch can be adjusted to fit your needs, but Criss wanted something truly spectacular so he made sure that the strap is not only made from the best steel available, but also decorated with dozens of small diamonds that increase not only the value, but also the uniqueness of the watch. This, of course, does not make the watch less suitable for dangerous tricks; it is still as resistant and reliable as any other piece.

The case of the watch is also decorated with diamonds, and the bezel is unidirectional and ratcheted. The crystal of the watch is just as important as the rest, as it can destroy the entire piece if it gets easily scratched. Luckily, it is made from cambered sapphire and it is glareproofed both sides. What does this mean? There’s no chance that a reflection in his watch will destroy his tricks, and this is exactly what he needs. The watch keeps its appearance and design but it will never become an inconvenient.

Magician Criss Angel wearing Breitling Diamond Super Avenger

Although it is made from strong and resistant materials, the watch is quite light and comfortable to wear, with a weight of only 150.10 gr without the strap. Of course, the weight can increase slightly depending on the elements that you decide to add on the watch, but this is a very solid yet appealing base to begin with.

The Super Avenger watch will put anyone in the center of attention, as it is truly one of the pieces that can’t be easily forgotten. Depending on the strap that you choose you can make it a discreet watch for the evening or a glowing one for a show; either way, it will look perfect.

Bear Grylls Breitling Emergency Watch

bear grylls

If you ever watched Bear Grylls’s show, you were probably surprised by the strong will and skills that he has. He can handle any extreme situation, he will go until the end of the world and back just to test his limits and he will do things that for us are unimaginable. With all this, it’s clear that he needs extraordinary equipment that he can count on at any time and in any condition, starting from his clothes to his accessories.

Bear Grylls was seen, more than a few times, wearing the Breitling emergency watch, and this made many people wonder what is so special about this watch and why he chose to wear it from so many other options available. We have the answer!

Black and Blue Breitling Emergency Watches

To begin with, it is easy to notice the special appearance of the watch. Many emergency watches are too big or with a strange design, but not Breitling. The strap of the watch is also made from high quality, high resistance materials. No matter where you go (maybe a trip through the forest?) you will not damage it easily.  Made from titanium and with a water resistance of up to 5 bars, it is difficult to break this watch by mistake. If you are on a special mission at night and you don’t want to be noticed by anyone, you can choose the watch that is made from black titanium and that comes with an anti-glare look. In this way no light will reflect in your watch to blow away your cover.

The watch is unique for many reasons, one of them being that it is the first watch with an integrated dual frequency Personal Locator Beacon, which is very helpful in situations when you might want to be found by the rescue team. The Emergency function can issue alerts and it can tell the people of your choice when you are in danger. At the same time, it can help them find you and bring you back to safety. Considering how many times Bear Grylls decided to face the wilderness alone, there’s no surprise that he preferred this watch instead of a regular, elegant, but useless one.

As you can easily picture, this watch is more accurate than most of other accessories on the market. It shows the times ten times more accurate than standards similar watches thanks to the SuperQuartz movement, and you can take full advance of the calendar and program it with 4 years ahead. In this way you will be always prepared in your missions outside the city and you will be never taken by surprise by any event. The battery will keep the watch working for 2-3 years, so you will not find yourself without a functioning watch in the middle of something important.

Overall, it is one of the best watches that you can choose if you want to be as well prepared as Bear Grylls is for any situation.

Budapest Luxury Watches Stores

Rolex watches boutique with wooden style walls

Budapest is one of the most spectacular cities in Europe, located on the two sides of the Danube River. It is Hungary’s capital and it enjoys a beautiful architecture, a colorful nightlife, a delicious gastronomy, stunning sceneries and a very rich history. It is the right place for spending a wonderful holiday, an unforgettable city break or even the perfect opportunity for enriching your luxury watches collection as Budapest is one of the cities that has the best collection of high end watches shops on the continent.

The jewelry dealers in Budapest fascinate not only the locals, but tourists as well. Offering the latest timepieces launched on the market and showcasing the best trends in the world, these stores are a true magnet for those who are passionate about expensive horology. Collectors love to visit these shops and talk about the brands, find out what are the novelties and check technical details of some particular watches. And of course, one of the greatest pleasures for any watch lover is to find and buy its favorite luxury timepiece.

Below I have compiled a list with some of the most popular and exquisite watches stores in Budapest, famous dealers with a long tradition in supplying the market with stunning timepieces manufactured by some of the most appreciated brands in the world.


Watch De Luxe


watch deluxe homepage print screen

Most shops in Budapest sell mainly Tag Heuer timepieces, but Watch De Luxe is completely different. This store has a highly large and diversified collection of expensive watches brands which attracts a huge number of enthusiasts from all across the globe. Its unique selection of famous watchmakers includes Breitling, Panerai, IWC and Cartier. By offering such a large mix of brands the company was able to become the leader of the luxury watches market in Hungary. The first Watch De Luxe shop was opened 11 years ago and it has witnessed the evolution of its clientele from affordable average quality watches to fine Swiss horology.  Expensive timepieces with an intricate automatic mechanism have become more popular among Hungarians and a symbol of success for most local business men. A person who chooses to buy a luxury watch wants to identify himself with the brand’s prestige, success and style. Its personality becomes an expression of the watch it wears. The company’s customer base is mostly formed by locals whereas tourists represent about 30% of their sales. To promote sales and attract a larger number of potential customers, from time to time the shop organizes its own events dedicated to a particular brand within its premises where enthusiasts and collectors are invited to listen to a brand representatives talk about their products and novelties. Special offers and product launches are also an essential part of these events.



Petite Geneve Hungary


Petite Geneve Hungary Homepage print screen

This is one of the most luxurious watches dealers in town. It is a reputable and elegant store that carries some of the most famous watches brands in the world: Rolex and Tudor. When you enter this shop you must be prepared to find extreme style and a degree of opulence that will truly impress you. Naturally, the prices are not for everyone. These watches cost between 5,000 euros and tens thousands of euros. From the most recent Rolex designs to classic models that have fascinated collectors for decades, Petite Geneve Hungary is the place where you will find some of the most desired timepieces in the world. The store is located on Vörösmarty Street, in one of the most crowded and expensive touristic spots in Budapest, near the banks of the Danube River.



Omega Boutique Budapest


Omega Boutique Budapest interior

Omega is an expensive and world famous watch brand with a rich heritage and tradition. Its timepieces are remarkable horological creations that attract a large crown of followers. There are countless Omega enthusiasts around the globe and collectors that would pay basically any price to get their hands on one of these stunning watches. Budapest is one of the privileged cities that have an Omega Boutique that sells the companies best designs. Here you can find the brands’ novelties, limited edition models, exclusive designs and unique events. Located on Andrássy Street, in one of the most famed areas in the city, the shop is an oasis of magnificently crafted automatic watches, perfect for those who adore luxury and beauty.



Marquise Watches and Jewelry


Marquise Watches and Jewelry

Marquise Watches and Jewelry is an authorized luxury watches retail shop that sells some of the most outstanding brands out there. The store is located in the Kempinski Hotel and it was established as a high end boutique which sells the finest watches, ranging from classic designs to modern ones. Bvlgari, Chopard, Hublot, Jaeger Le Coultre, Piaget, Romain Jerome, Ulysse Nardin and Vacheron Constantin are some of the names you will find in its elegant glass window cases. This is a place of extreme opulence and refinement, where collectors and enthusiasts come to satisfy their desire of having an artfully constructed timepiece. And the prices are accordingly. To buy such a magnificent watch you need to spend thousands of euros, but in the end you get the satisfaction of owning a stunning timepiece that complements your style and personality.



Tag Heuer Budapest


Tag Heuer is a very common name among Budapest’s luxury watches scenery. There are 6 Tag Heuer stores in the city and it is basically impossible to walk across the city without stumbling upon one of these fantastic places that carry a wide array of automatic movement watches crafted by one of the most remarkable brands on the globe. If you have your eyes set on a particular Tag Heuer model and you can’t seem to find it anywhere then a good idea would be to visit one of these elegant 6 shops and ask the clerk how to get your hands on it. Here you will find the professional assistance you need for buying your favorite design right from the source. If the watch isn’t in stock then the dealer will order it directly from the Tag Heuer factory according to your specifications. It is also a great place for finding out more information about the brand, its most notable models and amazing history.


Luxury Watches Stores in Bucharest

celini boutique from baneasa shopping center

When buying a luxury watch, the dealer counts as much as the product. The place where you are buying it decides the quality of the services you will be receiving and inevitably the price or waiting time for getting that particular timepiece. There are some exclusivist models that aren’t available for immediate purchase and you need to be on a waiting list to get it. Sometimes the fame of the dealer can shorten the time you need to wait before receiving the watch and offer you superior services that make the use of the product even more luxurious and pleasant than it already was.

Every city has its very own iconic watch shops that carry designer timepieces. These gems scattered across the city’s scenery are places of endless fascination for most watch collectors. Bucharest is one of Europe’s capitals that have a large collection of dealers. Here you can find some of the greatest watches of all time. Of course, if you know where to look for them. And this is the purpose of this article. For those who were looking to buy a new luxury timepiece, but had no clue where to find it I will make a short list of the best luxury jewelry stores in Bucharest and mention the most important particularities of their collection.

Orologeria Galt


orologeria galt store front

Orologeria Galt is a high end watches shop that advertises itself as the first Swiss jeweler in Bucharest who opened its doors after the Romanian revolution. Since 1995, this business has offered to those with a passion for fine timepieces a refined selection of exclusive Swiss luxury watches manufactured by some of the most renowned brands in the world. With an experience of over 20 years, this is the ground zero of superior watchmaking, the place where you will surely find your much sought after Tag Heuer or Omega timepiece. To preserve its heritage, the company opened a store near the main luxury avenue in Bucharest- Calea Victoriei. Located at 5 George Enescu Street, the shop welcomes its customers with elegance and style. Large glass windows, brilliant showcases unveil its magnificent collection of luxury watches. In its storefront we discover famed names like Tag Heuer, Omega, IWC, Jaeger Lecoultre or Zenith. The company has one of the most diversified selections of world-known brands, a selection that will surely satisfy your passion for exquisite timepieces.


B&B Collection


BB Collection store front

B&B Collection is one of the most popular and famous jewelry shops in Bucharest. One of its strong points is the fact that it offers a very large and diversified collection of jewelry, from luxury watches to necklaces, earrings, sunglasses and pens. This sophisticated and modern way of selecting and selling its merchandise has allowed the company to rapidly build a strong name for itself on the market. In terms of luxury timepieces, the selection is equally wide and varied. The store divides its watches in the following categories: premium, fashion, sport, classic and kids. The premium section includes names like Breitling, Dior, Tag Huer, U-Boat, Longines and Rado. Fashion refers to Fossil, Emporio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel and Marc Jacobs. Sport offers Adidas, Casio, Puma and Polar watches. Classic includes Citizen, Orient, Seiko and Timex. And kids mentions Moschino Ten, Elle Girl and Barbie. Basically, B&B Collection has something for every taste and budget. In Bucharest, there are 15 B&B Collection shops so it is safe to say that this is one of the largest luxury watches retail chain shops in the city, an icon for similar companies and the place where you can enjoy superior services and products.



Horologivm is a new concept for Bucharest. It is the first store in the city that sells pre-owned luxury watches. The goal of the company is to offer high end timepieces that are in excellent condition at affordable prices. Now, luxury is more at reach for those who love and know everything about iconic designer timepieces and value their money. At half a price anyone can buy its very own Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Cartier, Chopard, Franck Muller, Girard Perregaux, Rolex, Omega, Vacheron Constantin or Zenith. Even though these timepieces are pre-owned, they come with a 12 months warranty offered by Horologivm, the only horology laboratory in the country that offers the same degree or craftsmanship as any Swiss watchmaker. The company’s store is located on Popa Lazar Street and it showcases only luxury watches selected by the most demanding technical quality for their automatic movement, design, precious gems and the importance of its brand name. The owner and founder of Horologivm is none other than Mihai Ceciu, one of the top 10 most skilled watchmakers in the world. His biggest dream was to open the only horology laboratory in Romania and reality has proven that this idea was long needed on the market, and soon it has turned into an incredible success.

Micri Gold


micrigold store front

Micri Gold is a luxury watch shop located on Victoriei Avenue that has over 25 years of activity on the market and sells timepieces manufactured by Chopard, Omega and Longines. Its watches can cost hundreds or even thousands of euros, and those that are custom made and are considered exclusive and limited edition models can cost even more. The company is the result of decades of hard work and of an unbelievable ability of rapidly changing according to the market’s demands and trends. Now, it is one of the most famous and recommended place for buying your luxury timepiece, an elegant store that hypnotizes you right from the first moment you step inside. Its brilliant glass cases bear the promise of refinement, extravagance and power.



Celini Bucharest store front

Cellini is another well-known jewelry shop in Bucharest which specializes in selling high end designer watches. With a network of 12 luxury stores, this company represents one of the best sources for superior quality Swiss timepieces. The names available in its collection are truly impressive, watchmakers that have manufactured some of the most exquisite models in history. Omega, Romain Jerome, Bell&Ross, Breitling, Breguet, Cartier and Rado are just a few of the brands that are available here. A quick look at these models will convince you that Cellini is a luxury watches dealer worth considering when you are looking to buy a new watch for your collection.

Romain Jerome Pac-Man Watch

3 black romain jerome watches with pac-man theme

Probably, Romain Jerome is the last watch brand you would expect to launch a special edition Pac-Man model. Surprisingly enough, this prestigious company has its own line of timepieces dedicated to this classic video game. Romain Jerome isn’t at its first arcade inspired project. Previously, the brand released a Space Invaders watch that was received with great enthusiasm by fans. Now, one of the most loved and hungriest video games characters on the planet was selected to decorate the dial of an exquisite Romain Jerome watch.

Until now, Pac-Man has been the main theme for many affordable watches, but Romain Jerome is the first luxury watches manufacturer that decides to use it on its products. To recreate the authentic Pac-Man feel, the special edition timepiece features on its dial the game play along with a high-quality rendered pixelated character. The most fascinating thing about the model is that it offers a three dimensional view thanks to a special dial production process that layers materials to be crisp.

black pac-man watch on white background

There are four versions for the Romain Jerome Pac Man watch, each one being very fascinating for collectors. Every single one has the Pac Man located at the 9 o’clock position above a 3D game play maze. The dial is actually a representation of the iconic maze that is representative for the video game. Other elements that make its design special are the colored ghosts and the small red cherries. These are reminiscent for the classic arcade game. For applying the yellow color, the brand has used a special glossy lacquer. The tips of the hands and the characters are covered with Super LumiNova which glows in the dark.

The PacMan Romain Jerome special edition watch comes with a 46 mm stainless steel case coated with black PVD that has sandblasted and polished surfaces. As the Pac Man is part of the Moon Invader line, the case of the timepiece features some trace materials from the Apollo 11 moon lander. This model is fitted with a comfortable and casual looking rubber strap.

At the inside of the watch we find a Swiss automatic Concepto movement that is a very exclusivist mechanism, appreciated by collectors and experts. This self-winding mechanical movement offers maximum precision and durability. It is a remarkable mechanism that is usually found only on high end timepieces.

The Romain Jerome Pac Man is a very rare and expensive luxury timepiece even though its main theme is quite commercial. This model has been created for fans of the classic arcade game who also have a huge passion for exquisitely constructed watches. The brand has produced the Pac Man in a limited number of 20 pieces per every one of the four available styles. To celebrate the launch of this model, the company opted for organizing a sophisticated event at the Collete store in Paris, in September 2012. At that time, the Romain Jerome Pac Man was sold for the staggering price of $17,900.

Panerai P9100

officine panerai mechanism on black background

The P.9100 is an automatic calibre with chronograph functions created by Officine Panerai, masterfully constructed in the Panerai manufacture in Neuchâtel. Released for the first time in 2013, it is one of the most performant automatic calibres on the time pieces market. As per all of the manufactured products of Panerai, the P.9100 calibre is crafted using only the best materials available to watch makers nowadays, and provides craftsmanship that is unrivaled, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability and confirming once again the values the Panerai company stands for.

There range of Panerai watches that feature this movement is quite comprehensive, including the following models:

  • Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanium (PAM00615)
  • Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanium (PAM00614)
  • Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Ceramica (PAM00580)
  • Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Oro Rosso (PAM00525)
  • Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Acciaio (PAM00524)

The most notable and appealing feature of this Swiss watch movement is undoubtedly the chronograph function. Featuring a column wheel and a vertical clutch, the P.9100 does have a unique feature in its chronograph function in that the central hand is used to display the minutes of the chronograph, with the hand moving once for each single minute, allowing for an entire 60 minutes worth of recording using this special function.

Panerai automatic movement 9100 on white background

Not only that, but the chronograph is paired with a fly back function as well. This special feature of the P.9100 allows the user to set back the hands of the chronograph instantly to zero and automatically restart it, without first having to stop it, set it to zero, and then restart it all manually. A simple push button located at 8 o’clock controls this function, along with resetting the chronograph hands when it has stopped moving previously.

It is a nice feature that really finishes off the overall chronograph functioning, one of the big allures of this movement.

Measuring in at 13 ¾ lignes (31 mm) in diameter, the P.9100 is 8.15 mm thick and is made up of 302 components, as well as 37 jewels.  With two spring barrels in series, the calibre has an impressive power reserve of 72 hours – this is because of the ability to use thinner springs, which creates and even supply of energy for the duration of time.

The P.9100 also features automatic winding, which is achieved through the directional rotor that is on ball bearings and operates two arms terminating with hooks. This allows the springs of the two barrels to be wound with each movement that the rotor makes.

The Glucydur balance wheel oscillates at 28,000 vibrations per hour, the equivalent of 4 Hz, which is supported by single bridge with a KIF Parechoc anti-shock device. This guarantees the time piece’s durability, making it possible for the wearer to use this watch in the most endurable conditions of weather and activity without any problem and sign of wear.

The collection making the most of this Panerai calibre is, undoubtedly, the above-mentioned Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono launched in 2015 at Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. The two Automatic Titanium models are fitted inside solid titanium cases of 47mm in diameter, which is exquisitely engraved with the S.L.C. motif. They have a sturdy aspect, making reference to military values and symbols, while maintaining the Panerai classical look and high precision features. The underwater model of the same collection features a resistance to water pressure of 300 meters.

Ori Takemura Kei Kei Watch

Ori Takemura Kei Kei is an innovative concept that replaces the classic analog watch with a smart watch that displays the time by using a beauty of flickering fireflies, a magical reinterpretation of modern timepieces through the use of technology and natural themes. If you are the type of person that adores innovation dressed in a wonderful artfully construction then you will surely love this watch with a charismatic lyrical note.

Takemura Ori’s Qixen-P Design is famous for its revolutionary models and the Kei Kei watch is a concept that offers the functionality of a smart watch wrapped up in the amazing simplicity of fireflies. This model was designed to be more than just a time keeping device. It is a minimalist timepiece that has a dial constructed from a grid of LEDs. The fireflies swarm on the face of the watch predicting the weather, alerting the wearer about incoming phone calls or visualizing MP3s. Even though it is a smart device, it doesn’t display the incoming text messages or email notifications. It is a beautiful technological adornment with an artfully approach that is unique within the watches industry.

kei kei watch on a hand

The design is both interactive and playful. Its utilitarian side is sacrificed for the sake of uniqueness and originality. Nature is the main theme here. Fireflies are digitalized to introduce visual elements that fascinate the eye.  This is not a precise wristwatch, but a sophisticated timepiece that approximates the time by using lighted dots.

From the outside, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei watch is very common looking. It has a simple round case, a black LED dial with barely visible dark dots and a black strap. The fireflies that bring this timepiece to life can be “chased” away by swiping your finger over the dial. This way you can mute de device connected to thee watch. If you double tap the LED screen you bring the sound back.

Besides the time telling function, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei watch features Bluetooth sync control over cell phones, notifications about messages and phone calls, weather information and playing MP3 music from your phone. All these are offered in a nature-inspired way as opposed to the digital way specific for your typical smart watch.

This watch comes with a touch sensitive dial integrated with a grid of tiny LEDs and a mini USB on the bottom that can be used to charge and run firmware updates. By moving your wrist, you can activate the Kei Kei. You just turn the watch from a free position to a position that faces its wearer.

Surely, this is not a watch for everyone. It is a unique timepiece that was created for those who appreciate uniqueness more than technology. With an arty approach and a weakness for natural beauty, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei fascinates with the sophisticated way it mixes the traditional function of watches with the innovations of smart devices.