Andy Roddick’s Gold Rolex Daytona

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Had cuteness of the player been important in tennis, Andy Roddick would have definitely won the Wimbledon at least once. Had choice of watch been relevant, Andy Roddick would have won at least two consecutive Wimbledon tournaments. Sporting a Rolex Daytona on his hand with the Runners’ shield of Wimbledon, it is difficult to take your eyes off the gold and black Rolex Daytona watch.

Gold Daytona Andy

It is the only watch in the Rolex stable that has a chronograph. This watches probably the only one in the world which does not look ostentatious despite the excessive use of gold. Apart from the face of the watch, which is black, each and every part of the watch is dipped in gold.

The watch has the hours, minutes and seconds hand along with three sub dials on the face embossed in two concentric golden circles. The combination of gold on black ensures proper contrast and the tennis player will never find it difficult to know what the time is.


The watch does not have a date view but that seems irrelevant considering the classy finish of the watch. The metal strap is strong enough to withstand rough and tough usage as is evident from the fact that Andy Roddick chose to wear this watch in the final; where he was going bang bang at full speed at the tennis ball.

The best thing about the watch is that it is suitable for formal as well as casual occasions. Despite the fact that Andy Roddick is dressed in a T shirt and shorts, the watch seems particularly apt for the occasion.

On the right hand side of the face of the watch is the trademark crown of the watch with the Rolex crown embossed on it. It is flanked by two push buttons which operate the chronograph.


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