Angelina Jolie With Cartier Tank Louis

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As Angelina Jolie has been voted overtime to be the most beautiful women in the world, it’s only natural for her to wear a watch that bears the same rating and class, the marvelous Tank Louis Cartier.  This celebrity watch, just as Angelina Jolie, is considered to be a legend and it’s known that Louis Cartier offered it as a gift only to his closest friends. Today’s version of this watch is just as appreciated as the first was back in 1992 and is still considered to be one of the finest and perfect watches ever manufactured by Cartier.

 Since that moment it became one of the most representative models for the brand’s prestige and fine watchmaking skills. It is the type of watch that can be worn at work, on relaxed days in the city or to more upscale occasions. The delicate and feminine design suggests a classy type of luxury without overdoing it.

Angelina Jolie Cartier Watch

The Cartier Tank Louis has a rectangular frame available only in 18 k yellow gold and unique parallel sidepieces. The sleek white dial is nicely contrasted by simple deep black roman numerals. Of course, the nicest Cartier touch is the charming sapphire cabochon placed on the circular-grained winding crown.

As any other small, thin and delicate women’s watch, the Cartier Tank Louis comes with a 057 caliber quartz movement. This mechanism is the perfect choice for matching outstanding time accuracy with a petite and refined case. Furthermore, the silver grained dial is beautifully complemented by black Roman numerals, a date window and sword-shaped blue steel hands.  Angelina has chosen to wear this watch at many of her public events and always she has matched it with a classy and sophisticated outfit.

Tank Louis Wristwatch

Although its functionality is extremely useful, Angelina Jolie might have chosen it for its beauty and style. As a movie star and a fashion icon, Angelina Jolie is truly a wrist-watch connoisseur and she knows a good watch when she sees it. Therefore, the circular-grained crown set with the encrusted sapphire cabochon can take away anyone’s breath. The bracelet of the watch is made out of alligator hide and the dial shows roman numerals for a stylish, yet easy reading of the time.

Having a Cartier Tank Louis on your wrist is a powerful fashion statement. It exudes elegance, sophistication and luxury. It is that type of mature and timeless design that is somewhere between aesthetic simplicity and richness. So whether you’re a big Angelina Jolie fan or a high-style woman, the Tank Louis Cartier is the $6,000 watch you should be wearing.



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