Panerai P.9003 Movement

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p9003 movement small picture

The P.9003 automatic calibre is one of the latest lines produced by Panerai. The model was first released in the year 2014. It was specifically created for use with the Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT 24H and its technical specifications suit this watch model’s design. The calibre itself was originally developed around the P.9001 and comes with quite a few notable features that set it apart from this original design concept.

The first and most prominent of these is the GMT 24 hour function, as well as the second time zone indicator, which is on the outermost edge of the dial and featured automatic in-house movement. This GMT function allows for time to be indicated over the 24 hour time rather than the traditional 12 hours. This feature is rather interesting as most luxury watches have a 12 hours dial approach.

The Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT 24H featuring a P.9003 calibre can therefore be used by wearers to help determine the time of a different time zone from the one they are currently in, a perfect addition for the traveling watch wearer. The independent hand that displays this time is the large hand that features a large arrow design. This dial will make one single rotation during 24 hours.

Another feature is that of the power reserve indicator on the back, which has been designed in a circular fashion and allows for a clear view of the indicator. This is protected by the transparent sapphire crystal of the case back, and measures at 2.6mm thick.

Panerai Automatic movement image

When it comes to the power reserve specifications, the P.9003 calibre movement features a reserve that can last up to three days, which is accomplished by connecting two spring barrels in series. This comes to underline values like robustness and durability the brand stands for.

The dial features an interesting black colour and nicely designed Arabic numerals along with hour markers, both of which are luminous – this provides a clear view of the dials even when the lighting conditions are not the greatest. The date function is situated at 3 o’clock and connected to the hour hand of the watch, with seconds being indicated at 9 o’clock. There is also a device that allows for seconds to be reset, allowing for a perfect synchronising when used with a reference time signal.

When regulating the time, the hour hand is able to be moved entirely on its own as well as increments of one single hour. This allows for adjustments to be made that do not interfere with either of the minute or seconds hands. This way, you will be able to make small adjustments, if needed, in no time.

The automatic mechanical P.9003 calibre features a diameter that is 13 ¾ lignes and its thickness measures to 7.9mm. With 28 jewels present in the movement, it is built using a total of 233 components.

With the balance wheel oscillating on a frequency that is 4Hz, the alternations per hour clocks in at 28,000. There is also an Incablor® anti-shock device present, along with Glucydur® balance. These features are meant to provide the movement with a high level of resistance to various external factors so that it can be used within the most unfavourable circumstances. The watch is also water resistant to 30 bars (300m), so it can be worn while taking a swim, but it does not make the appropriate accessory for a deep sea dive.

Charlize Theron and her Rolex Sea-Dweller

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picture of actress Charlize Theron

When it comes to celebrities the rules of fashion rarely apply. They are the ones who create the trends and show us what the next big thing is. Once the paparazzi have photographed a star wearing a luxury watch and the pictures get into the media there’s no stopping for the huge wave of admirers who will follow his or hers footsteps. However, for celebs Rolex is one of the most preferred watches brands in the world and what everyone agrees is that the way a movie star wears a Rolex watch is totally different than how a regular person would wear it. Charlize Theron proves this when she sports her Rolex Sea Dweller at a L.A. Laker’s game in an utterly cool and chic outfit.

Charlize Theron Deepsea

Rolex is a classic brand that has been around since 1905, but somehow it has managed to always stay ahead trends with stylish and functional timepieces manufactured from the finest materials. Hollywood celebrities understand that the Rolex name and reputation have a huge impact on their image so they maximize this opportunity to its fullest. Every time they get the chance they show off their incredibly expensive and beautiful Rolex wristwatches. For those who really want to make a fashion statement, vintage or over-sized Rolex watches with a powerful design are the preferred pieces. And always, but always these models are associated with modern and unconventional attires.

3900 meters Rolex Deep Sea Black Watch

It has been clear for everyone that during the past couple of years, men’s watches on women’s wrists are an extremely popular trend. The thing is that not everyone can pull it off. It takes a lot of fashion sense and creativity to wear an oversized timepiece casually. Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron is one of the movie stars that totally knows how to accessorize her big watches to look gorgeous with her outfits. Our favorite pick is the Rolex Sea Dweller, a model with an impressive diving legacy that is seamlessly sporty and modern looking. She wore this timepiece at a L.A Laker’s Game while sitting floor side with washed-out blue denim pants, a casual flannel boyfriend shirt and stunning black leather straps high heels. The outfit was a perfect match, exuding sophistication and style.


Usually Charlize emphasizes her femininity by wearing elegant dresses on the red carpet, but when it comes to informal events she opts for comfortable clothing that blurs the lines between feminine and masculine and complements her choice with a spectacular timepiece. Rolex is her preferred brand, from gold President to edgy Sea-Dweller. Casual is the key element here. But after all, let’s not forget that when Rolex is involved any casual look is upgraded with subtle touches of style and elegance.

Theron’s choice is even more spectacular considering the fact that not many women dare to wear a Sea Dweller. Yes, men watches on women’s wrists is a big trend now, but most ladies go for a Daytona, a DayDate or Submariner. A Sea-Dweller is a less popular model among women due to its connotations as a professional diving instrument. This is why Charlise’s is even more worthy of our appreciation. Other famous stars that have been spotted wearing a Rolex Sea-Dweller are actor Ashton Kutcher and soccer player David Beckham.

James Bond Watches

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5 James Bond Actors

James Bond movies are notorious for their strong association with stylish luxury watches brands as Omega and Rolex. Basically, every 007 film ever made had as guest star a famous designer timepiece that has intrigued the audience. Of course, these collaborations have been fructuous both for the world’s favorite spy and for the watchmakers. Bond benefited from the distinction and class of the timepieces while the watch brands got to be promoted by one of the most famous movie characters known to men.

Needless to say, the value of the models that appear in 007 films is significantly higher than the one of the watches that didn’t. For instance, when “Goldfinger” turned 50 years from its debut the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra that showcased in this movie was sold at an auction for eight times more than its regular price. Surprisingly enough, the thing that intrigues fans more about the Bond saga is what the next 007 watch will be. The chosen brand is no longer a surprise since Omega has signed in 1995 a franchise with the spy series, but the model is always a reason for anticipation and excitement. Now this luxury watch company is synonymous with 007’s adventurous spirit, but things were different at the beginning. James Bond has sported many important designer names on his wrist, watches that to this day remain iconic for their spy legacy.

James Bond Dr No Submariner

Dr. No Submariner

The original James Bond watch was Rolex. In 1962 when “Dr No” was ruling the box office worldwide, everything watch enthusiasts were talking about was the Rolex Submariner spotted on Sean Connery’s wrist in some of the most thrilling scenes. What better match than the world’s first diving timepiece and the adventurous story of 007? Sean Connery starred in 7 James Bond movies and he was faithful to his Rolex Submariner. The association was so powerful that some collectors still consider the watch as the quintessential James Bond timepiece. The reason why Rolex appeared in a total of 9 Bond films is that the author Ian Fleming was convinced that this was the most representative brand for his spy character. As a matter of fact, he wore his favorite Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer on the set of the first three 007 movies.

Live and Let Die Submariner

Live and Let Die Submariner

Between 1962 and 1989, Sean Connery, Peter Sellers, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig were the famous actors that played the legendary James Bond. And almost every single one of them wore a Rolex on his wrist. Of course, there were a couple of exceptions like a few high-tech models and some Tag Heuer and Breitling pieces, but in everyone’s mind the iconic 007 watch is the Rolex Submariner. One other notable Rolex model that appeared in the Bond saga is the Rolex GMT Master sported by Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger”. Unlike Omega, Rolex has never tried to promote its products by using the Bond name. The brand didn’t pay for product placement or offered free watches to the actors.

Goldfinger Pussy Galore GMT Master

Goldfinger GMT Master

The quartz era left a strong mark on James Bond movies as well. The attention switched from luxury automatic models to fashionable technical novelties like the glowing red Pulsar watch, digital Seikos and the Seiko Liquid Crystal TV watch that was spotted in “Octopussy”.

Octopussy Seiko

Octopussy Seiko T001-5019

One of the most notable quartz models worn in his early adventures is the Seiko 0674, an LCD Quartz digital watch that at that time was pretty innovative. Its modern design was a match for Bond’s style. This timepiece was worn by Roger Moore in the 1977 movie: “The spy who loved me”. The novelty of the model was that its LCD screen was able to display messages sent to 007 from the MI6 Headquarters. Back then this was considered a futuristic element, something that a spy like James Bond would wear. And this is exactly what he does. He proudly wears the watch on his wrist for the entire movie, from the first scene to the very last one.

Like all Seiko watches, the 0674 model is considerably rare. Also, Seiko didn’t make any variations of this timepiece. The brand produced just this version as a tribute to the favorable collaboration with 007. Its design is pretty unique. The rectangular shaped dial displays the days of the week, the hour, the AM/PM feature and seconds. Below the dial there are two small push buttons that are used to set the time, calendar, the light intensity and mode.

In 1981, the twelfth James Bond movie called “For your eyes only” debuted. The Seiko 0674 appeared in this movie again. This time, it was worn by a crew member of the St George spy ship. The character who sported this digital watch was the man who takes over the control of the A.T.A.C. before the ship is hit by the mine. In the movie, he fails to pull the self-destruct handle, but his watch choice is a success that will echo for decades. The Seiko 0674 appears on the screen for a couple of moment when its wearer handcuffs himself to the machine.

The Spy Who Loved Me Seiko

The Spy Who Loved Me Seiko

Seiko M354 Memory Bank Calendar that was worn in the 1979 “Moonraker” movie. In the film, this liquid crystal display model is fitted with explosives and a remote detonator; thus helping 007 to escape from the “Moonraker” launch platform. Many Bond fans and watches enthusiasts are very attached to this timepiece that nowadays is considered a collectible and is auctioned at incredibly high prices.

Like all the Seiko models that appear in Bond movies, the M354 is very rare. It is not the type of watch you can buy online or in stores. Collectors showcase it at special events and from time to time one of these remarkable devices is being sold at a private auction.

Roger Moore is the 007 actor that wore this vintage silver case and steel bracelet Seiko model in “Moonraker”. The complete reference number of the watch is M354-5019, but Seiko has also produced a M354-5010 that looks just the same, but has a few technical differences. Usually, people confuse these two, but for a true fan the one and only “Moonraker” watch is the M354-5019.

Seiko has developed and created M354 as a highly innovative watch able to impress its wearer with its functionality. This digital masterpiece displays on its rectangular LCD dial hours, minutes, seconds, months, day and date. There is the option of displaying the hours in a 12 or 24 hour format. The watch is also called Memory Bank Calendar because its complex mechanism is able to display the full calendar for any given month, between January 1930 and December 2009. Furthermore, within a 12 months period, this water resistant timepiece can be programmed to memorize as many important dates as its wearer desires.

The Seiko M354 watch was first produced in 1978 and when it made its big debut, the brand printed out an advertisement that presented the model as “the first LC digital quartz memory bank calendar”. Back then, the watch was priced between $225 and $275.

Moonraker Seiko Watch

Moonraker Seiko Watch

“License to kill” is one of the most successful 007 movies, a classic film signed by Eon Productions which had its big premiere in 1989. This time, Timothy Dalton was the one that played James Bond and his appearance remains unforgettable for watches enthusiasts due to the fact that he was the last 007 actor to wear a Rolex Submariner, a watch that is seen as the quintessential Bond timepiece.

Until now, Rolex Submariner is the watch model that has starred in the most James Bond movies. Its story with the famous MI6 spy started in 1962 when Sean Connery wore it in “Dr No” and it ended with “License to kill”. The timepiece was perfect for reflecting the style and personality of the adventurous 007, the perfect gentleman agent whom was always wearing a sleek suit and an expensive watch.

The movie “License to kill” was the second time actor Timothy Dalton played James Bond and what better way to mark this occasion than wearing a Rolex 16610, a timeless design that will forever be known as the last Rolex 007 watch? Due to this connection, now the model is a collectible item and the brand has even produced an updated version of the watch to perpetuate its impressive legacy as a watch that breaks all barriers, even the ones of time.

License to Kill Submariner

License to Kill Submariner

To become the official James Bond watch, Omega had to win a bid in 1995. Because many fans were very reluctant about this collaboration, Omega had to emphasize its heritage with the British military and Royal Navy Divers. The goal of the brand was to establish its image as the one of a daring watch with a long and adventurous history.

GoldenEye Omega Seamaster

GoldenEye Omega Seamaster

The first Bond actor that wore an Omega Seamaster Professional 300 m on his wrist was Pierce Brosnan in “GoldenEye”. This model was equipped with a remote control that was able to detonate devices and a laser beam. Daniel Craig was the first 007 actor that changed this high tech approach for Bond watches by being firm about promoting a more sophisticated and fit Bond that needs just a stylish watch and suit to be glamorous on his criminal fighting adventures. He wears two Omega watches in “Casino Royale”. One is the 45.5 mm Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial chronometer and the other one is a blue Omega Seamaster 300 m chronometer.

Tomorrow Never Dies Omega

Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is not Enough & Die Another Day Omega

Now, Omega and James Bond reached their 17th year of partnership and the Seamaster Planet Ocean was the staple watch for their association. But with the debut of “Skyfall” things changed. The 007 image was refreshed with a Seamaster Aqua Terra Mid Size Chronometer. The elegant “teak” concept dial was preferred by Daniel Craig who is convinced that his spy character is way too sophisticated for the sporty Planet Ocean. So the producers decided to showcase two Omegas in the film. One was a special edition Planet Ocean available in a 5,007 series and the other one was Craig’s Aqua Terra.

Casino Royale Seamaster

Casino Royale Seamaster

Casino Royale Planet Ocean

Casino Royale Planet Ocean

Since the first James Bond movie, watches have played an important role in building a unique and charismatic style for 007. Rolex, Seiko, Breitling, Tag Heuer and Omega are just a few of the very famous timepieces that starred in the 24 James Bond sagas that conquered an entire world.

Rolex Daytona 2016

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The annual Baselworld show will always have watch aficionados discussing what manufacturers may have in store for them, and Rolex are undeniably on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Recent years have seen growing speculation about a new Rolex Daytona chronograph model finally getting announced, and now that wait is finally over.

While not initially popular upon its release, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, or simply Daytona, has now reached legendary status among watch enthusiasts and collectors. First released in 1963 as a watch perfect for racing, it became an iconic timepiece used amongst motorsport professionals thanks to its incredible performance and chronograph function.

Re-launches saw it become and updated piece for the modern collector, with the 40mm wristwatch now featuring an automatic movement and sapphire glass back. These models continued to remain elusive however, as the popularity of the Daytona continued over the years.

It has been almost 16 years since the most recent steel Daytona was released, and many have been clamouring for an upgraded model to feature a new ceramic bezel since it was first featured on the Platinum Daytona anniversary edition in 2013.

Now the new Daytona comes with just that, as well as a new model number (116500LN) and is available with either a black or white dial. The calibre remains the same 4130 of the previous iteration, as does the oyster casing and bracelet. While this may not appear like much, fans of Rolex know just how big this announcement is, and these new models will certainly be hard to come by – expect some long waiting lists in any case!

2016 Daytona two Models

Back to main feature, which is unquestionably the new ceramic cerachrom bezel with a tachymetric scale. This type of bezel isn’t anything new to several watch models, but will be a first for the steel Daytona range and will prove to be massively popular.

For one it is incredibly durable, with the ceramic used being virtually scratch-proof and resistant to UV damage. The digits for the bezel are embedded with a platinum coating to help ensure their longevity too, ensuring that the aesthetics of this new Daytona will remain spotless and damage-free for life.

The black dial models will feature the same silver sub dials around the chronograph dials as previous models, whereas the white dial features black dials instead. Both help to create that beautiful dial-design that has become a hallmark for the Daytona. Other than that, the dials remain almost unchanged from their predecessors, which certainly isn’t an issue given how popular the Daytona has been.

As the oyster case remains, there isn’t much to note about the case. It features the same robustness as the previous models, with the case being constructed from 904L stainless steel. The bracelet is unchanged too, consisting of the oyster design from previous steel Daytona’s, including satined external links and polished central links. An Oysterlock clasp is present for fastening, which also has an easylink extender for adjustments.

As the bezel holds the crystal in place, the model is again water resistant to a depth of 100 metres.

The Daytona still has the 4139 calibre of the previous models. This self-winding movement has been made entirely in-house by Rolex and provides power reserves for up to 72 hours. What has changed in regards to this is how Rolex tests this calibre.

Since 2015 Rolex unveiled a new Superlative Chronometer certification, which happened to be more of an upgrade of the COSC certification rather than just replacing it. These tests are done entirely in-house by Rolex and are done using strict criteria (which happen to be stricter than most others too) to help ensure it performs to the highest possible standards.

This results in the new Daytona being in the order of -2/+2 seconds per day, which is incredible for a chronometer and just goes to show the high level of craftsmanship that has gone into the latest Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.

These are guaranteed to sell fast, and with a price of £8,250 (€11,300), there’s no telling just how long they will be available for – although no release date has been announce yet!

Quentin Tarantino Shows Love for IWC Watches

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Hollywood is a playground for the rich and famous and this is typically reflected in their choice of fashion accessories. So far as luxury watches are concerned, anything less than a four figure sum being shelled out on a timepiece won’t do and brands like Tag Heuer, U-Boat and Panerai watches are regularly spotted on the wrists of some of the silver screen’s biggest stars – such as Tom Cruise, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio.

So far as Hollywood’s most quirky director, Quentin Tarantino is concerned, he regularly showcases his affection for another luxury Swiss watchmaker – namely, IWC watches. Tarantino certainly has a fairly offbeat fashion sense but he definitely has good taste when it comes to luxury timepieces because IWC watches are one of the most striking and superbly designed on the market – something that is reflected in their price tag, which typically tips the scales between $4000-10,000. This doesn’t, by any means, make them one of the most expensive men’s watches on the market but they are reassuringly expensive, as they say.

Check out Quentin Tarantino wearing an IWC Pilot watch below:

quentin tarantino's iwc big pilot watch

IWC watches are exceptionally stylish and they are a fairly diverse brand which have an eclectic collection of watches within their stable. Whether you’re looking for something understated and elegant or more of a signature, stand-out timepiece, you are sure to find something that fits the bill with IWC. There are numerous fantastic collections to choose from such as the Pilot collection sported by Tarantino above, the Portfino Collection which looks like something straight out of Mad Men or the Aquatimer Collection, which has a much more nautical feel. Check out each of these collections below:

big picture of pig pilot watch

It’s not just Tarantino who has a soft spot for IWC watches, they can also be frequently seen on the wrists of the likes of Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey and John Cusack. They are one of the most stylish and sophisticated luxury watches on the market and they certainly rival the other leading brands out there such as Baume and Mercier, Tag Heuer and Bremont watches.

Omega Calibre 8611

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Omega 8611 movement picture

Omega has long been at the forefront of pioneering chronometers, having created the first wristwatch that could be categorized as a marine chronometer back in the year 1932. Before then, the only certified marine chronometers where either pocket watches or clocks that had been specially designed for ships.

Today, Omega remains one of the fines watchmaker brands in the entire world, and they still stay true to their maritime roots through various collections such as the Seamaster. These collections of luxury watches are among some of the most famous in the world and incredibly popular with various Hollywood stars, time pieces lovers as well as watch collectors.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra Annual Calendar watch model was a rather recent release in this iconic range of time measuring pieces, having first been developed in the year 2010. Now there are multiple entries into this particular section of the collection, most of which use the impressively constructed 8611 calibre, but there are also some using the slightly different 8601 calibre.

The 8611 calibre reflects the high quality of craftsmanship associated with the watch making brand Omega, along with the marine world inspired designs of the Seamaster watches collection, resulting in one of the finest movements produced in recent memory by the Swiss watch makers.

In fact, the 8611 calibre is also available for a range of select models featured in another iconic Omega collection – the Deville. The Hour Vision Annual Calendar range of this collection were first released in the year 2008 and developed for use with the 8611 calibre movement, ensuring that the mechanics that help to provide the very alluring annual calendar can be used in several time pieces collections and watch models.

Completely constructed and conceived in-house, the 8611 features the highly renowned Co-Axial escapement owned by Omega. Also known within the watch producing industry as the Daniels ‘fix’, the co-axial escapement mechanism represented a major improvement to the in-house developed calibres produced by the Biel based company. It helped the watch maker solve a major issue that appeared with previous calibre models referring to the sliding friction resulting from the escape wheel being touched by the pallet jewels.

These movements are self-winding and they feature incredibly desirable silicone balance-springs on a free sprung balance. This has helped to make the movements safe against the risk of magnetization, along with reacting better to any small shocks that might be in contact with the watch movement. This boosts the time piece’s reliability and endurance to being used in extremely harsh circumstances.

The annual calendar feature of the time piece provides automatic jumps from each month and date, making them happen in an instant, which can be pleasing on the eye when compared to dials that are slowly changing and look off-kilter. It may only be an aesthetic bonus, but collectors will definitely appreciate these subtle touches.

Winding can also be done in either direction, allowing for a quick and efficient change of time when needed, although the automatic movement should only make this a requirement when the watch hasn’t been worn for 55 hours, as this is the power reserve for this watch movement.

The calibre is visible at the back through the transparent case back, which is also marked with exclusive Geneva Waves in arabesque – an interesting aesthetic feature that is appreciated by the brand’s fans.

All in all, the Omega 8611 calibre is a high precision one, proving once again the values that the brand stands for: unbeatable reliability, high quality, appealing design and top notch comfort to the end user.

Tag Heuer Calibre 12

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Picture of Tag Heuer Calibre 12 Mechanism

Tag Heuer Calibre 12 is a complex and precise contemporary automatic modular chronograph movement manufactured by Tag Heuer. The Calibre 12 available these days with the brand’s bestselling designs is actually a reinterpretation of the iconic Heuer “Chronomatic” Calibre 12 created in 1969.

Back in the’ 60s every important watch company was determined to develop the world’s first automatic chronograph. This tight competition between successful watchmakers ended in 1969 when Heuer launched its “Calibre 12” movement which was developed in partnership with Breitling, Büren, Hamilton and movement producer Dubois-Depraz.  In 2009, the trend of vintage inspired sports watches determined Tag Heuer to recreate the vintage Calibre 12 by using modern novelties.

Even though the original Calibre 12 was advertised as a Tag Heuer in-house movement, this movement wasn’t an exclusive result of the brand’s watchmaking skills. The calibre had an ETA or Sellita ebauche with a Dubois-Depraz module. At that time, the mechanism had nothing to do with the original Chronomatic. Still, the brand used the launch of its Calibre 12 as a promotional advantage and the movement’s rotor is even marked with “Calibre 12” and the “Heuer” name.

The fact that the winding crown of the modern Calibre 12 is positioned on the right side of the case shows that the watch is not a Chronomatic. Similarly to the initial Calibre 12, the modern Calibre 12 is a modular movement and has a certified ebauche which sets in motion the chronograph module. The old Chronomatic Calibre 12 had a Buren 1281 with a Dubois-Depraz 8510 module. As none of these components was available after 2000, Tag Heuer decided to use on the contemporary Calibre 12 a common Sellita SW 300 or ETA 2892-A2 base with a redesigned Dubois-Depraz 2008 chronograph module. The components used on the new Calibre 12 make the movement very similar to ETA 2894-based TAG Heuer Calibre 17. Both of these calibres use a 2892 base.

The original Calibre 12 had the winding crown on the left side of the case, but the current version has it on the right side along with the chronograph buttons. Another significant difference between the initial Calibre 12 and the modern one is the balance frequency. The new movement operates at 28,800 A/h rather than the 21,600 A/h of the old one.

The dial layout represents a major change from the vintage Calibre 12 timepieces. On the classic version the chronograph hours were located on the left and the chronograph minutes on the right whereas the new one has just the chronograph minutes on the left and running seconds on the right.

The Swiss made Tag Heuer Calibre 12 is an exceptional automatic calibre which features modern and useful complications. With a 30 mm diameter, 59 rubies and a rapid date correction, this mechanism impresses its owner with superior precision.

Besides the 40 hours power reserve, the 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) balance frequency sets the Calibre 12 as one of the most important movements offered by Tag Heuer. Among its most important functions are accurate time telling, a date window, a 30 minutes chronograph counter and a central 60 seconds chronograph.

The exquisite Tag Heuer Calibre 12 has its open-work oscillating mass decorated with “Côtes de Genève” patterns and features the defining engravings “TAG Heuer — Calibre 12 — Swiss Made”.

Tag Heuer’s success and luxury identity is closely connected with the development of the Calibre 12, an exceptional automatic movement that was launched in a time when the watches market was in need of functional innovations. Now, after almost half a century it still is one of the most famous mechanism in history.

Panerai Calibre OP XI

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panerai movement

The Swiss company Panerai is well known for their high precision in-house movements, but they were also famous all over the world for taking third part movements with the intention of re-purposing them for their own collections and models, much like many of the other high end watchmakers do.

One such calibre is the OP XI, which was initially produced by ETC/Unitas in the form of the ETA 6497/2 hand-wind movement. Panerai proceeded to take this movement and make a selection of modifications that resulted in the series of calibres known nowadays within the watch making industry as OP XI, which while being inspired and based on by the 6497/2, is its own movement all together.

The OP XI is actually not the first movement from a third party that Panerai has developed for their own collection of wristwatches. In fact, there are several other manufacturers that have followed the same strategy, taking the 6497 movements (of which the 6497/2 belongs to) for their own collections, thanks to the reliability of these manual movements.

There is a wide selection of Panerai wristwatches that use the OP XI movement, most of these being a variation of the Luminor Marina collection. Notable models include the PAM 111, PAM 113, and PAM 177 Luminor Marina models. There are also two Radiomir Black Seal variations using this movement too, those being the PAM183 and the PAM 292 models.

All of them are very popular watch models appreciated by time measurement pieces lovers and collectors from all around the world. The Luminor Marina watches were the first Panerai time pieces made available to the general public, prior to the year 1993 when the collection was launched the Panerai products had been restricted to the use of military forces only. The same collection includes the custom made Slytech Panerai ordered by Sylvester Stallone and worn by the actor in the movie Daylight. Arnold Schwarzenegger also worn a similar watch in the movie Eraser, this way boosting the time pieces collection’s popularity even further.

An exclusive calibre to Panerai, the OP XI calibre measures a total of 16 ½ lignes, so when fitted into a case it stays true to the traditionally over-sized style that the Swiss brand is renowned for. The parts within the calibre feature 17 jewels in total, along with a Glucydur® balance (with a Nivarox® I spring) and Incabloc® anti-shock device, which helps to provide a high class protection for the calibre.

These are hallmarks of many of Panerai’s in-house calibres too, showcasing the unique modifications that make the OP XI such a high quality, modified movement. They truly feature that Panerai allure of quality and durability – values that stand at the heart of the watch producing company, hence the on-going popularity for calibres such as the OP XI.

The calibre makes a total of 21,600 alterations per hour and features a Swan’s neck regulator. A power reserve of up to 56 hours is also featured in the movement, which is gorgeously adorned with a Côtes de Genève decoration on the bridges, another personalized touch added by Panerai that makes this calibre so pupular.

As the OP XI has been tested and certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC), there is no question that this movement has been held to the highest testing standards for Swiss wristwatches, ensuring that accuracy and precision of this movement is a good and well deserved fitting of the highly esteemed watch manufacturing brand Panerai. This calibre will probably feature some other future models by the brand, proving its full qualities.

Paris Hilton Rolex

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A lot can be said about celebrities nowadays, however, the news that keeps up with famous people all around the world, often shows a weakness for noticing the smaller things involved in celebrities’ daily lives. Paris Hilton, for example, is a very stylish and current celebrity with the knowledge of constant fashion and clothing appeal. As we all know, fashion is something to be noticed, and for Paris Hilton, one of the best ways to show off that fashion is with watches that have been in the main eye for quite some time.


Paris Hilton has been known for her many talents. She is versed in a variety of occupations, such as: modeling, singing, acting, being a DJ, as well as a business woman and author. With the world at her fingertips, Paris has provided the world with a great service in all areas of her life. She has been singing with some of Hollywood’s greatest artists and is known for collaborating her own set of music as well. Paris has also been in many movies and displayed perfect credibility. While she is known for being a very famous daughter of the popular Hilton family, she has been seen in many forms of business because of her family name. Her most known attributes are displayed through various lines of perfume that she has distributed throughout the years as well as a very dominate fashion line. Also, Hilton has been known to display many of other fashion designer works as well as modeling them for the world to see. One of the great things about fame is the ability to bring to light the items that are often overlooked or aren’t getting enough attention. In today’s time, watches are often an item that’s overlooked by many. Our cellphones and other gadgets now allow us to carry around a clock at all times, often leaving the watch as a last minute thought. However, watches are still an option that remains in style and a stylish way to keep up with your time.

Of course, we have Paris Hilton with her many famous styles that show it is still possible to show off the intrigued option of the watch. There are also a couple examples that have been known to show up on Paris’s wrist as one of her styling choices.

Diamond GMT Master II 116759

One of the best options many people are going with is the Diamond Rolex GMT-Master II watch. This 18 karat white gold case set watch with diamonds is priced at a very high appeal. With its value running in at well over $400,000, it’s no wonder that this watch is one of the more appealing choices. With silver tone hands and dot hour markers, the style is undeniable. It’s set with scratch resistant crystal and also automatic movement. This is also a watch that Paris Hilton has been known to wear on many public outings.


Another great option that sits available for anyone interested in deep style, is the Rolex Everose Gold Daytona. While the watch is labeled as a men’s watch, this fabulous choice has been known to be unisex by many. Therefore, the watch is worn by both men and women respectfully. The watch offers automatic movement with beautiful red gold and is placed at well over $30,000 in pricing. Although this is watch is known to be worn by Paris Hilton herself and is considered highly popular, especially among men and women. The dials are gold plated with very defined hour markers. With 18 karat rose gold, this watch is an option that would not disappoint.

Rolex Everrose Gold Daytona Model 116505

ETA Watch Movements

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Since 1793, Swiss movement manufacturer ETA SA has been the motorist of time. The company has dedicated its entire activity to developing and producing innovating and incredibly durable calibres for the watch industry. At the moment, it is one of the largest manufacturers of movements and watches in the entire world. Their products are uniquely precise, reliable and functional.

Most of today’s luxury brands rely on ETA SA when it comes to equipping their watches with high quality calibres. You see, the name that’s on the dial is not the same as the name that’s on the inside mechanism and in order to know how good a watch really is you first need to know what makes it tick, what type of mechanical self-winding movement sets it in motion.

The founders of ETA were dr. Joseph Girard and the 28-year old school teacher Urs Schild. At first, the company was an ébauche(semi-assembled movements) factory called “Dr. Girard & Schild“. In 1905, the name of the firm was changed to Eterna and its main activity was focused on assembling watches. Because of the negative economic environment, in 1932, the management decided to merge the company with ASUAG/Ébauches SA which produced only ébauches. Because of this partnership, Eterna was split in two parts: one that joined Ébauches SA holding and that continued to assemble watches, and a new one that was called ETA SA and made complete movements.

As the industry kept changing, ETA SA followed new directions for shaping its business. Even though manufacturers like Valjoux and Venus were creating chronographs, ETA was more concerned about building automatic movements, something that was revolutionary at that time. During the ‘50s and ‘60s the industry was expanding rapidly so ETA came with another innovation:  movements that were fitted with ball-bearings in the automatic winding mechanism. Furthermore, they also developed high-frequency movements that had 36,000 vibrations per hours.

As the decades went by, ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse (ETA SA Swiss Watch Manufacturer) evolved into one of the most famous and appreciated company that designs and manufactures high quality quartz watches, hand-wound and automatic-winding mechanical movements and ébauches. Today, the Grenchen, Switzerland based brand is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Swatch Group Ltd and its name is synonymous with excellence.

The very interesting thing about the products created by this company is that they come in two main forms: ébauches and complete movements. These are being sold in large quantities to the most important brands on the market. And each brand personalizes the movements as to reflect the image and performances that define its name.

Indeed, there are many mid and high-end brands that offer their in-house movements, but those who want to offer the best there is opt for modifying an ETA base calibre. The mechanism is modified by the company that purchased it by adding unique parts that are meant to increase the performances, durability and functionality of the movement. Still, in many cases the only thing modified in the mechanism is the rotor that has been embossed with the brand’s name.

ETA SA was founded by Eterna in 1856, but some essential parts of its production line were first manufactured in 1973 by the Fabriques d’Horlogerie de Fontainemelon (FHF) which was founded by David Benguerel, François Humbert-Droz, Isaac Benguerel and Julien Humbert-Droz.

ETA specializes in designing and making ébauches, but the company is capable of producing an entire range of parts needed for building a complete watch. Because of this very important aspect, it is considered a manufacture d’horlogerie. Its ébauches and ETA movements boost both timepieces of its competitors and timepieces of other Swatch Group subsidiary brands.

ETA is an essential element of modern horology and an element without which watch making would never be what it is today. Through a series of ups and downs, ETA SA has become the most important manufacturer of Swiss watch movements. Basically, it controls the trends and evolution of the industry, and in the end it defines contemporary timepieces as we know them.