Kyle Richards Gold Daytona

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Kyle Richards is a well known television personality and actress; her career goes way back in 1975 when she appeared in a small television series. However, she is very famous for playing in ER and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Recently, she has been seen wearing one of the most desired timepieces in the world, a Rolex Daytona in Rose Gold, a choice that has attracted many appreciations from fashion critics and fellow celebrities.

Kyle Richards with gold Rolex Daytona on red carpet

The Cosmograph Daytona is unquestionably one of the most recognizable and popular timepieces in history. Initially, the watch was designed as a professional time keeping device for racing drivers, but in time it evolved into one of the most fashionable and luxurious pieces around. This iconic model comes in numerous versions of precious materials such as platinum, yellow gold and rose gold, but Richards couldn’t resist to the beauty and distinction of the famous 18 k Everose gold, a color option that looks irresistible on the classic Daytona dial with its three elegant sub-dials and functional tachymetric scale.

rose gold with black dial Rolex

Kyle decided to match her rose gold Rolex Daytona with a short black dress complemented by a wide gold studs belt, a similar gold studs bracelet and lacquered black pumps. Her hairdo was really simple and clean, creatively paired-up with over-sized gold earrings.

The Everose gold version Daytona is so special because this unique 18 k pink gold alloy has been created and patented exclusively by Rolex in its own foundry. The material was introduced in 2005 and is used for all Rolex Oyster models that come in pink gold.

The main reason why the Rolex Daytona Everose gold worn by Kyle Richards is such a stylish and interesting fashion choice is the fact that it comes with a sleek black dial. The surface is clean and plain, enhancing the beauty of the small 3 dials which are pink gold and black with a raised circular pattern which reflects the light exquisitely. The hour markers are also Everose gold and coated with Chromalight for increased night legibility. Around the outside of this uber sophisticated dial there is a prominent 18 k pink gold tachymetric scale that has black embossed numbers. Everything about this model impresses in the most exquisite possible way.

Even though the Rolex Daytona is a considerably large watch, most often recommended for large manly wrists, Richards manages to wear it effortlessly. The large Cosmograph dial looks nice and natural on her wrist due to her inspired choice of accessories and clothing. The black and pink rose gold dial of the Daytona goes very nicely with Kyle’s short black dress that has a rugged studs gold belt around her waist. This and the flowing ample long sleeve manage to integrate the large masculine timepiece seamlessly into the actress’s cool stylish look.

Omega Calibre 8520

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Omega SA is a Swiss watch manufacturing company with a long tradition that is synonymous with luxury and reliability. Throughout history, many of the most famous and affluent people from all over the world have donned their various watches, from James Bond to John F. Kennedy. Actually, one of the brand’s products – the Omega Speedmaster even made it to the moon during the landing of 1969.

Needless to say the Biel based brand is one of the highest regarded when it comes to watch making, and they have continued to produce some of the highest quality and most famous watches around from the year 1848, when the company was founded until present day and will probably continue to do so for many years and decades to come.

The 8520 calibre is a movement that was created as part of the 8500 range, launched back in 2007, which marked an important step in the history of this luxury watch producer, helping the company position itself as one of the most reliable time pieces manufacturer there is.

This particular calibre 8520 was designed for use with the Seamaster Planet Ocean Omega Co-Axil 37.5mm. Built entirely in-house, the 8520 is another example of fine craftsmanship that you can only expect from a Swiss watch making company like Omega. As the name puts it, the 8520 calibre uses (just like the 8500 series) the co-axial escapement mechanism, which represents a guarantee of technological advancement and efficiency. While the series of calibres 8500 were dubbed the first to have fully exploited the potential of the Co-Axial escapement mechanism, the 8520 takes it even further.

Picture of Omega Constellation Movement

A self-winding movement, the 8520 features a free sprung-balance system that includes a silicon balance-spring. The automatic winding can be done in either direction, allowing for prompt time settings when the occasion calls for it.

As part of the Seamaster range, the movement is water resistant to a depth of 600 metres (60 bar).  This means it can be worn when going for a short dive or a swim with no fear of damages or other unwanted consequences.

The calibre contains 28 jewels in total, including a sapphire crystal back that provides a clear view of the movement thanks to its transparency. The shock system is a nivachoc, providing high class protection for the watch, which has a rhodium plated finish and includes an exclusive Geneva Waves arabesque that greatly adds to the aesthetic appeal of the piece.

The crown of this luxury watch has 3 positions, the first of these being in the standard position, which is resting against the case of the watch, making it water resistant as well. Occasional winding can also be performed in this position should the watch be unworn for 50 hours, which is the battery reserve for this movement. This can be done by manually winding the crown when in the standard position.

The second is the correcting date, which works in correlation with the date feature of the movement. This is achieved by pulling the crown out once to its second position. Time setting is the final position for the crown, and allows the crown to be further pulled out to help set the time, which can be done so in either direction for ease.

Features include the date setting, a helium escape valve, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and the aforementioned screw-in crown. When it comes to diving watches and their movements, the 8520 and the Seamaster range are certainly up there with the best.

Sylvester Stallone Panerai Watches

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Sylvester Stallone isn’t just a very muscular celebrity; he is an iconic actor in the movie industry. Talented and intelligent, this connoisseur of art, literature and theater is also a fan of luxury timepieces. He loves everything about watches- from collecting and advertising to wearing and creating them. His passion doesn’t target expensive brands, but comfortable, reliable and practical pieces that offer a distinctive look and functionality.

The movie star owns numerous models from many different brands, but one watch company in particular resonates strongly in his collection. This is Officine Panerai. Sylvester Stallone’s and Panerai story started back in 1993, shortly after the company made its comeback on the market. The actor was visiting Italy and by accident he walked into the brand’s shop from Florence. He then realized that these are no ordinary watches, but very unique designs with a fierce personality.

Panerai Egiziano model

Panerai watches are well-known for being produced in extremely limited quantities. This detail and their military inspired design are the two main things that sky-rocketed the brand’s fame. Of course, the fact that Sylvester decided to wear a Panerai Luminor Marina Submersible chronometer in his 1995 “Daylight” thriller also helped re-establish the company as a significant player on the market of luxury watches. The model was a perfect fit for Sylvester’s character. With the purpose of taking advantage of this promotional opportunity, in 1995, Panerai decided to release a limited edition collection dedicated to Stallone. The name of this series was Slytech. Fans will surely remember that Sly is the actor’s nickname.

sylvester stallone Panerai 341 Egiziano

This was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Sylvester and Officine Panerai. In 2008, the star wears a Panerai Marina Base PVD on the set of “Rambo IV”. This oversized black case and black strap watch looks amazing on the wrist of John Rambo while he explores, runs and fights around the dangerous jungle.

The peak of this friendly collaboration is reached when the first “The Expendables” movie is shot. Stallone was the writer, director and producer and he decided that all the main characters are going to be filmed wearing a Panerai watch. If you watch the movie carefully you will notice a few close-ups of the timepieces. Sly’s passion for the brand is passed on to his colleagues Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham and Terry Crew who have been also spotted wearing Panerai watches in real life.


As expected, the story repeats itself with the second part of “The Expendables” which was released in 2010. Sylvester and his team of “bad guys” were filmed wearing Officine Panerai watches on their wrist. Surprise, surprise, the same thing happens in the third part of the movie. Of course, the fact that the actor has been seen wearing these timepieces in so many movies and at countless events represents a very important factor in the brand’s return on the market of luxury watches. Its new identity is defined by exclusivity, innovation and modern functionality.

Panerai Stallone

Between Sylvester Stallone and Officine Panerai there is a very strong friendship based on the fact that both the actor and the watch company have a smart, bold and original look that is incredibly appealing for those with a taste for adventure and performances.

Omega 8500 Caliber Movement

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Omega is one of the best known watch movement brands around the world, and the launch of the 8500 series of calibres back in 2007 represented an important milestone in the history of Omega brand, helping the Biel based luxury watch producer to reposition itself in the top market range. This family of calibres is the result of half a century of research and testing projects led by Michael Bourqin’s team. The model approved by the Swiss-Lebanese entrepreneur Nicholas Hayek in 2000 stands for values like durability, sturdiness, top notch quality and high precision, bringing the Omega company to a new level on the luxury watches market.

Since the brand decided to retire the 1000 series of calibres back in the 1970s, Omega watches have been equipped with different versions of ETA calibres until the second half of the 1990s, when George Daniels’ patent for Co-Axial escapement was purchased by the Swiss watchmaker and the Omega Caliber 2500 was developed. Known within the industry as the Daniels ‘fix’, the co-axial escapement mechanism was much more than a marketing tool: it helped Omega address a major issue present with earlier calibre models, eliminating the sliding friction produced when the escape wheel touched the pallet jewels.

The in-house developed 8500 series of calibres uses the co-axial escapement mechanism, benefiting from technological benefits of the Daniels’ ‘fix’. This makes it much more advanced and efficient than the ETA-based calibres. A major achievement for the watch manufacturing brand, the 8500 Omega calibre is the first movement that fully exploits the Co-Axial escapement mechanism’s potential.

calibre 8500 Movement Omega

The movement’s size has been boosted by 13% compared to the previous 2500 calibres series in order to suit the design of the Omega Seamaster collection. The power supply comes from the two mainspring barrels coated with a special material known within the industry as DLC (Diamond-like carbon). This is an extra feature aimed at eliminating friction. Its main benefit lies in durability: only little wear signs will be noticed even after 10 years of use.

In order to completely wind the two mainsprings, you will have to perform 60 manual rotations of the crown. First, you have to wind the hand barrel that does not feature a slip clutch. You will notice a slight unwinding effect of the hand barrel, followed by a quick jump of the automatic barrel. Together they supply power to the escapement mechanism.

The 8500 calibre’s bridges are solidly built, while the design elements are stylish and luxury-oriented. Another white ball for the 8500 Omega calibre is the special design allowing easy maintenance of the movement and mechanism.  Besides, the movement presents exquisite “Cotes de Geneve en Arabesque” decorations, which add great value to the movement’s overall design.

Comparing the Omega 8500 calibre movements to the 2500 series, you will also notice the latter feature an 8 leaf meshing pinion while, the 8500 family contains 14 leaf. The 8500 versions produced after the year 2011 also come equipped with the silicon Si14 balance springs. This special type of silicon provides the springs with more stability. If you own a former version, you can have the balance springs easily upgraded.

Released back in 2007, the Omega 8500 calibre movement series has already established itself as one of the high end products within the luxury watches market. No systemic issues or malfunctioning of any kind have been reported so far. The beat rate and jamming issues reported with previous versions of the Co–Axial escapement mechanism seem to have been resolved within the current version.

Arnold Schwarzenegger U Boat

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Black U-1942 Watch Model

Modern times call for modern watches. The newest trend in watches fashion is over-sized cases. That’s why sports passionate men and action icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger are huge fans of the U-Boat Classico, an Italian masterpiece that takes your breath away with its masculine and bold design.

U-Boat is a relatively new brand that was founded in 2000 by Italo Fontana. Its watches are all about size and over the top aesthetics. The models are really large and have their over-sized crown system on the left side of the case. This detail makes the 45, 48, 53 or 65 mm case feel really comfortable on the wrist. Actually, the Classico series is the company’s first move towards the high-end horology niche. Besides the high quality materials and stunning design, the watches have some interesting features like the see-through case back that displays the modified Valjoux movement and the engraved metal plate located on the handmade leather strap.

Arnold schwarzenegger wearing u boat watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Californian Governor, is a collector of big watches with a military appeal so it’s no wonder that he opted to wear this U-Boat Classico at a much mediatized public event. The military-inspired dial is very attractive due to its clean layout. The focus is on the over-sized luminescent hour markers that offers maximum legibility even in the dark. There is also a chronometer sub-dial at the 3 o’clock position and a small black plate with the writing “U-1942” and “01/29” at the 6 o’clock position. This plate confirms that Arnold has been sporting on his wrist the biggest watch on the planet, the U-1942 Classico which measures 65 mm in diameter. This astonishing and extremely rare model has been manufactured in a limited edition of 29 pieces. It is not that kind of watch that looks good on every type of wrist. You need to be built like Schwarzenegger to pull off this look!

Sure, one of the most appealing things about the U-Boat Classico U-1942 is its looks, but our movie star had many other good reasons for choosing this timepiece. The modified automatic ETA movement, the sturdy flawlessly constructed case, the 400 meters water resistance, the sapphire crystal and the hand-made leather strap are the main criteria for preferring this model over all the other large watches available on the market.

The rugged brown strap looks fantastic on Schwarzenegger. This soft calfskin leather with a supple feel adds comfort to the sturdy and modern band. The strap comes with a deployant folding clasp that is extremely easy to use and is very resistant to wear and tear.

There is no doubt about it, the Classico line is U-Boat’s best-selling collection. Considering its popularity, there is no surprise that the company decided to create a very unique special edition Classico which has the great advantage of being the biggest watch on the planet. What bad boy could resist to such a watch? Arnold Schwarzenegger sure didn’t! The modern style, the wide dial, the bold military inspired style and the high quality features are other qualities that contribute to the popularity and exclusivity of the U-1942 special edition collection.

Rolex Winding Crown

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Image with Gold Rolex triplock Crown

When it comes to water resistance, the bullet-proof case and solid crystal come after the winding crown. This essential part of the watch is not critical just because it serves for setting the time and other important features, but because this system defines the waterproofness of the timepiece. By using it you open the case and create an access point for dust and water, both of these outside factors are huge enemies of a high end mechanical self-winding movement. This is the reason why the winding crown needs to have its own sealing system, one that is capable of perfectly locking the case and keep its interior clean.

Rolex is one of the brands that pay great attention to this aspect. Its crowns feature two patented sealing systems called twinlock and triplelock. Both types imply a threaded screw-in crown that seals against a rubber gasket making the watch more water tight. In case you were wondering what’s the point of having two types of locking systems, let me clarify this right away. The water resistance required for a watch is what determines if the winding crown should be a twinlock or a triplelock one.

Rolex Twinlock and triplelock winding crown signs

The Twinlock crown is used for timepieces that are waterproofed to 100 meters/300 feet. You can easily recognize the type of system used by looking at the top of the stem. If it has the Rolex crown logo with a simple dash “-“ or two dots “..” then this means that the watch comes with a twinlock crown. The internals of this complex sealing system uses two rubber gaskets. One rubber o-seal is located inside the watch’s tube and the other one is at the interior of the actual gasket that presses against the threaded tube added to the watch’s case. By using these two gaskets system, water and dust are kept outside the case. A very interesting fact is that even if the crown is unscrewed, the gasket located inside the watch’s tube prevents water from entering the case.

The triplock crown system was designed to ensure waterproofness to depths of 300 meters/1000 feet. Rolex uses 10 different components for creating this system and four gaskets. You can recognize a Rolex watch that has the triplock stem by taking a closer look at the winding crown. This is larger than the Twinlock crown and has three dots under the small Rolex crown logo positioned on its top part. The architecture of the triplelock winding crown system implies four rubber o-ring seals and a bigger case tube. These manage to guarantee a higher level of water resistance. When the stem is unscrewed you can easily view the first gasket as it comprises the exterior of the winding tube, but is positioned just at the interior of the crown. Just like on the twinlock crown system, the second rubber gasket is located inside the crown and it presses against the tube of the case. The other two gaskets are at the interior of the case tube. The thicker threaded case tube and the four rubber seals offer a higher level of water resistance for those who are passionate by extreme diving.

There is nothing simple or ordinary about the patented Rolex twinlock and triplelock winding crown systems. These extremely complex and unique water resistance features have been developed and manufactured for those who need a reliable diving instrument for exploring the deepest parts of the ocean.

Tag Heuer Calibre 16 Movement

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Many watch experts agree that the ETA 7750 movement, also known as Tag Heuer Calibre 16, is one of the most famous and versatile automatic chronograph movements ever manufactured. Though many consider this mechanism as a generic one, ETA 7750 complies with the very demanding COSC Chronometer standards and is available on a wide range of luxury timepieces brands, such as Panerai, IWC and Hublot.

In 2014, the watch world has celebrated the 40th anniversary of the ETA 7750, one of the most popular automatic chronograph movements on the planet. The beginnings of this mechanism are closely connected to the legendary movement maker Valjoux who developed the movement in the ‘70s, the golden age of watchmaking innovations. The ETA 7750 was actually based on the manual-wind Valjoux 7730 and it was the first movement designed by using a computer.

Valjoux 7750 is a precise, reliable and cost-effective calibre that has a considerably large and thick appearance. The movement has a distinctive sound which is generated by the rotor. This calibre is mono-directional and features a heavy and large oscillating weight that reaches high speeds. The first Valjoux 7750 versions were available in two frequencies- 21,600 bph and 28,800 bph, each with 17 jewels.

Even though TAG Heuer launched its own Calibre 11 movement in the ‘60s, it decided to use the Valjoux 7750 for developing a brand new Calibre, one that was more functional and versatile. This is how the first 7750 a.k.a. Calibre 16 appeared in 1977 when Heuer created two new models- the Pasadena and the Kentucky. The same mechanism was used for launching in 1981 the second-generation of Heuer Montreal.

Then in 1982 Heuer stopped using the Valjoux 7750 for its watches due to the involvement of the new co-owner Lemania. The goal here was to replace all the Valjoux 7750 movements in Heuer’s watches with exclusive Lemania mechanisms.

In 1997, Tag Heuer decided to bring back the Valjoux 7750 for the 2000 Chronograph and S/el Chronograph. This decision was influenced by the arrival of LVMH as owner of Tag Heuer in 2000. His strategy was to focus on mechanical chronographs.

The Carrera was the promoter of Tag Heuer Calibre 16. In 2015 when the brand launched the new Carrera design this accelerated the use of the ETA 7750 as the base of the Calibre 16. It was then when the 7750 was redesigned by Tag Heuer with a brand new look and a catchy name- Calibre 16. Nowadays, Tag Heuer offers the Calibre 16 in a couple different models- either with a Sellita SW500 or with an ETA 7750.

Nevertheless, the Swiss made Tag Heuer Calibre 16 is one of the most renewed and preferred automatic calibres ever manufactured by the brand. The mechanism comes with 25 rubies and measures 30.4 mm in diameter. Some of its most important technical characteristics are the 42 hours power reserve, the rapid date correction and the 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) balance frequency.

From a functional point of view, the Calibre 16 has many things to offer. The basic time function, the small central seconds counter at 9 o’clock, the hours chronograph counter at 6 o’clock, the minutes chronograph at 12 o’clock and the date window are its core assets.

Depending on the model, the open-work oscillating mass of the Calibre 16 features the “Côtes de Genève” motif and it is decorated with the markings “TAG Heuer — Calibre 16 — Swiss Made”.

Tag Heuer Calibre 16 is a very contemporary device that is characterized by extraordinary durability, amazing precision, impressive complications and an excellent cost-benefit ratio. This surprisingly versatile mechanism is used by Tag Heuer on many of its iconic collections and it represents one of the most appreciated automatic movements ever created.

David and Victoria Beckham’s Rolex Watches

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There is no celebrity couple more fashionable and attractive than Victoria & David Beckham. To sum up their careers- David Beckham played Football for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy and PSG. He is currently retired, but makes a lot of money from advertising luxury products. Victoria Beckham was a member of the famous pop band- Spice Girls- and now is a very popular fashion designer. The couple is very stylish and versatile when it comes to their image, but regarding their public appearance one thing always remains the same- they stay true to their passion for Rolex watches.

Victoria & David Beckham have been seen wearing numerous different models created by Rolex, one more sophisticated than the other. David has been for the past decades a real male style icon. He is famous for its stylish outfits, hairstyles and luxury watches. He is a true chameleon when it comes to timepieces, switching from vintage to modern Rolex watches in an instance. The Deepsea Sea Dweller was his first love. With a water resistance of 3900 meters, this model got David’s full attention. He owns two versions of the Deepsea, the first one is the classic one and the second one is a customized version with a Black PVD coating. Also, the arrow shaped tip from the bezel is red color. This special version looks totally different than any other Deepsea. It creates a more bold and sportive look for its 43 mm case.


As I was saying earlier, he also likes vintage Rolex watches. He was seen numerous times wearing a Datejust with a 36 mm gold case, pale gold dial, baton hour markers and a leather strap. Another one of his favorite vintage designs is a Rolex GMT Master with nipple dial, brown bezel and a fatstrap.

Just like her husband, Victoria Beckham prefers both modern and vintage Rolex watches. One of her usual choices is a gold Rolex Daytona with an in-house mechanical self-winding 4130 Calibre. This gold version looks particularly good on a delicate ladies wrist. Next, Victoria has been seen wearing a vintage Day-Date with a dark color dial and a Day-Date with a pastel green Stella dial. Connoisseurs know that a Stella dial is the nickname used for Rolex’s enamel dials. Even though the green pastel Stella dial with gold case is a men’s watch, the color combination is ravishing and it looks spectacular on the wrist of an elegant lady.

Rose Gold Daytona

The moment when photographers are completely overwhelmed with joy is when David and Victoria Beckham show up in public, each one wearing his Rolex watch. No matter if it is a special event or simply a basketball match, the couple loves to show off their fabulous and expensive luxury Rolex timepieces.

Tag Heuer Calibre 11

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Calibre 11 movement image

1969 was a big year in the history of watches. It marked the creation of the first automatic chronograph movements, among which was the Heuer Calibre 11. This self-winding mechanism was successfully used for the TAG Heuer Monaco and Autavia collections, timepieces that were very popular at that time. Nowadays, Calibre 11 is still a part of Tag Heuer’s heritage and it is mostly available for the Monaco line. Its modern version is a highly functional interpretation of the vintage mechanism, an intricate automatic movement able to offer extreme precision and utility to its wearer.

As Heuer was unable to develop something as costly and complex as an automatic chronograph on its own, he decided to form a partnership with Breitling and Büren along with movement manufacturer Dubois-Depraz. This was a top secret project and its codename was “Project 99”. Their goal was to make the first “Chronomatic”. The movement was launched on the market in 1969 and it was the world’s first chronograph movement with an automatic microrotor.

Even though the original Calibre 11 was marketed as an in-house Heuer movement, the automatic movement was based on a Sellita or ETA ebauche with a Dubois-Depraz module and didn’t have any connections with the initial Chronomatic. The rotor was also embossed with “Calibre 11” and the “Heuer” logo.

Calibre 11 is still part of Tag Heuer’s identity and its contemporary interpretation features the winding crown on the left and the chronograph buttons on the right side of the case. Identically to the vintage Calibre 11, the modern Calibre 11 is modular and its chronograph module is powered by a certified ebauche. The original Chronomatic Calibre 11 was available with a Buren 1281 and a Dubois-Depraz 8510 module whereas todays Calibre 11 has your typical ETA 2892-A2 or Sellita SW 300 base and a redesigned Dubois-Depraz chronograph module. Generally, the Dubois-Depraz chronograph module models used for the modern Calibre 11 are 2018, 2021, and 2022.

Similarly to the initial Calibre 11, the current version rotates the base movement 180 degrees. This is the reason why the winding crown was placed on the left and the chronograph pushers on the right. A significant difference between the original and the modern Calibre 11 is the movement that works at 28,800 A/h as compared to the archaic 19,800 A/h.

One of the most important differences between the vintage Calibre 11 and today’s mechanism is the layout of the subdials. The classic one has the chronograph minutes on the right and the chronograph hours on the left while the contemporary one has running seconds on the right and chronograph minutes on the left.

Calibre 11 is Tag Heur’s most distinctive and iconic automatic caliber. With a diameter of 30 mm and 59 rubies, this self-winding movement was designed to serve as a very powerful and precise timekeeping instrument. Its rapid date correction, 28’800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) balance frequency and 40 hours power reserve are just a few of its highlights.

As far as functionality goes, the modern Calibre 11 keeps accurate time and features a date window at 6 o’clock, a chronograph seconds hand as 3 o’clock and a chronograph minutes counter at 9 o’clock. The open-worked oscillating mass is adorned with Côtes de Genève motif and is engraved with “TAG Heuer — Calibre 11 — Swiss Made”.

Calibre 11 isn’t just the result of many years of research and collaboration, but also a complex and functional automatic movement that has marked the evolution and success of Tag Heuer. It was the mechanism that has promoted and made the chronograph what it is today. Nevertheless, it has turned Heuer into the timeless master of sporty complications.

Robert Downey Jr Jaeger LeCoultre

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Robert Downey Jr is not just one of the most famous actors on Hollywood, but he is also an ambassador for the prestigious watch brand jaeger LeCoultre. In fact, the movie star has been seen numerous times wearing these very expensive watches at festivals, movie premieres or in his recent films.

If in the first Iron Man movie, Robert Downey Jr was all about Bvlgari watches, in Iron Man 2 Jaeger LeCoultre stole the spotlight. The brand has surely foreseen the opportunity of a product placement. After all, what better way to promote your luxury watches than to show them off on the wrist of one of the most popular celebrity? Iron Man 2 was a big hit and millions of fans across the globe have instantly fallen in love with the Jaeger Lecoultre watch worn by the main character.

The sophisticated and stylish look of the Jaeger LeCoultre timepieces used for the Iron Man 2 film was a perfect match. The models selected for the movie were very diverse and appealing, and surely the decision wasn’t of Jaeger Lecoultre. Usually the film producer, stylists and actors decide which jewelry or outfits are appropriated for a certain movie.

In Iron Man 2 we notice a nice collection of very cool and technical Jaeger Le Coultre “Wrist Armor” pieces. One of the most notable watches that feature on the wrist of Tony Stark is the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT watch available both in special platinum and ceramic versions. The third watch that appears in the movie is the model designed to celebrate the racing partnership between Aston Martin and Jaeger Lecoultre. This timepiece has a small dial for seconds, a second time zone function with a quick “east”/west” time adjustment and a periphery date. Considering the style of this watch, it is probably the most appropriate model for the movie. There are two other Jaeger LeCoultre watches that are worn in the movie, but these are more classical. And the list doesn’t end here!

Downey Jr. Watch

There is also a very exclusive and rare Jaeger LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon 1833 model. This is a very impressive tourbillon watch with a periphery date indicator and regulator style second time zone. This traditional and elegant piece has a particular charm and distinction. And the last one is the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Grande 985.

AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT

Even though Rober Downey Jr’s movie is destined for the masses, the Jaeger LeCoultre watches he is wearing aren’t. These timepieces are incredibly pricy. The less expensive one is the Reverso Grande which costs about $25,000 and is made out of solid gold. The other models are priced at $65,000 or more. Of course, everyone will appreciate the watches and dream of having them, but only a few fans will actually afford buying one.