Charlize Theron and her Rolex Sea-Dweller

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picture of actress Charlize Theron

When it comes to celebrities the rules of fashion rarely apply. They are the ones who create the trends and show us what the next big thing is. Once the paparazzi have photographed a star wearing a luxury watch and the pictures get into the media there’s no stopping for the huge wave of admirers who will follow his or hers footsteps. However, for celebs Rolex is one of the most preferred watches brands in the world and what everyone agrees is that the way a movie star wears a Rolex watch is totally different than how a regular person would wear it. Charlize Theron proves this when she sports her Rolex Sea Dweller at a L.A. Laker’s game in an utterly cool and chic outfit.

Charlize Theron Deepsea

Rolex is a classic brand that has been around since 1905, but somehow it has managed to always stay ahead trends with stylish and functional timepieces manufactured from the finest materials. Hollywood celebrities understand that the Rolex name and reputation have a huge impact on their image so they maximize this opportunity to its fullest. Every time they get the chance they show off their incredibly expensive and beautiful Rolex wristwatches. For those who really want to make a fashion statement, vintage or over-sized Rolex watches with a powerful design are the preferred pieces. And always, but always these models are associated with modern and unconventional attires.

3900 meters Rolex Deep Sea Black Watch

It has been clear for everyone that during the past couple of years, men’s watches on women’s wrists are an extremely popular trend. The thing is that not everyone can pull it off. It takes a lot of fashion sense and creativity to wear an oversized timepiece casually. Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron is one of the movie stars that totally knows how to accessorize her big watches to look gorgeous with her outfits. Our favorite pick is the Rolex Sea Dweller, a model with an impressive diving legacy that is seamlessly sporty and modern looking. She wore this timepiece at a L.A Laker’s Game while sitting floor side with washed-out blue denim pants, a casual flannel boyfriend shirt and stunning black leather straps high heels. The outfit was a perfect match, exuding sophistication and style.


Usually Charlize emphasizes her femininity by wearing elegant dresses on the red carpet, but when it comes to informal events she opts for comfortable clothing that blurs the lines between feminine and masculine and complements her choice with a spectacular timepiece. Rolex is her preferred brand, from gold President to edgy Sea-Dweller. Casual is the key element here. But after all, let’s not forget that when Rolex is involved any casual look is upgraded with subtle touches of style and elegance.

Theron’s choice is even more spectacular considering the fact that not many women dare to wear a Sea Dweller. Yes, men watches on women’s wrists is a big trend now, but most ladies go for a Daytona, a DayDate or Submariner. A Sea-Dweller is a less popular model among women due to its connotations as a professional diving instrument. This is why Charlise’s is even more worthy of our appreciation. Other famous stars that have been spotted wearing a Rolex Sea-Dweller are actor Ashton Kutcher and soccer player David Beckham.


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