Jay-Z Hublot Big Bang

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One of the most extravagant and expensive watches ever created was unveiled by Hublot. This completely diamonds-covered Big Bang model was priced at $5 million and it is a timepiece fitted for wealthy people with a fine taste for ‘bling’. The happy owner of this one-of-a-kind watch is Jay-Z. The rapper received this exclusivist Hublot Big Bang when he turned 43 years old from his beautiful and talented wife, Beyonce.

The watch is without a doubt the most expensive watch ever produced and no matter how rich you are, it just seems like a bit over the top to spend 5 million dollars on a timepiece. But when you’re Beyonce and you have a $300 million net worth, I guess that spending 5 million for your hubby’s birthday gift is not that impressive. The couple is famous for their extravagant tastes in jewelry, clothing, cars and lifestyle. Their previous gifts are even more expensive and outrageous than the diamonds Hublot Big Bang. A private island in Florida, a Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet and a Grand Veyron Sport are just a few of them.


Everyone knows that Jay-Z is a huge watches collector. He always mentions expensive brands in his songs and wears luxury timepieces on his wrist when he goes out. For a charity campaign Audemars Piguet has designed a special edition Royal Oak dedicated to Jay-Z. Recently, the celebrity has changed his brands preferences from Audemars Piguet to Hublot. Because he was seen wearing numerous Big Bang model, the chairman of Hublot invited the singer to visit their Switzerland based factory. Of course, this honor was rewarded by Jay-Z as he mentioned the Hublot name in his music video “Otis”. And there’s more. Jay-Z also has a multi-media magazine Life+Times where he posted an exclusive video of Hublot and Chairman Jean-Claude Biver.

The $5 million Hublot Big Bang is part of a limited edition collection. For each of the last few years, Hublot has manufactured one extremely expensive diamonds edition Big Bang model. The collection was named One Million Dollar Big Bang and the one owned by Jay-Z is currently the most expensive one. The watch is very opulent and pretentious as it is fully covered by diamonds. The dial, the bezel, the case, the winding crown and the bracelet are adorned with perfectly shaped and sized diamonds. The timepiece also has a very beautiful functional detail- the tourbillon window that allows you to see the inside automatic movement. This part enchants even the most pretentious watch collector. It is a nice aesthetic and engineering touch.

Believe it or not, it took Hublot 14 months of work to find, cut and fit the 1282 diamonds used on this Big Bang model. 12 diamond cutters, 5 jewelry setters and a master cutter with 40 years of experience worked around the clock to make this $5 million watch perfect.

Naturally, Jay-Z wears this very expensive and extravagant Hublot Big Bang only at private events where he can ensure the highest level of security for his one of a kind watch. It is the bling jewelry that only a star of Jay-Z’s caliber could wear with style and distinction.


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