Kobe Bryant Nubeo Mamba Watch

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We can see Kobe Bryant in this picture wearing a beautiful Nubeo Mamba watch on his wrist. Kobe Bryant is an American basketball player who plays for the L.A. Lakers. His career is very prolific and he started being famous since high school when he played amazing football so after graduation he was elected in the NBA. Nubeo actually asked him to produce a series of very high end watches for them.

He designed his own line and is wearing one of those beauties in this picture. It is of course, a very limited edition and some of the pieces go up to $250,000, so it’s just for those who can afford paying such a big price for a watch. Fortunately, you can also get cheaper versions, for $20,000 dollars if you really want to wear one of these.

Kobe Bryant with Nubeo

So what does the ad campaign for this watch tell us? This watch is definitely fit for a real man with a powerful figure. It has 48mm and it is made with titanium, ceramic crowns and rubber. It has a very smooth feel and a great design. This is just the low cost model because when it comes to the extravagant edition, the creators went really far. It features 48 black or orange sapphires and 72 smaller sapphires around the chronograph. If you are wondering about its durability and the mechanism, you should know that the crown is made with 14 components and the whole watch is made from DLC, titanium, rubber, and ceramics – all of these are probably the most durable things on Earth, just like this watch. It also features a Valjous 7750 automatic mechanical movement that works perfectly. What makes this watch really unique is the fact that it contains so many high end pieces without being a show off of opulence like other brands on the market from the same category. This definitely shows that the wearer has good taste and prefers quality over prestige. As you can see, everything about this product screams roughness and manliness, so it’s definitely made for real men, men like Kobe Bryant.



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