Nooka Zex Watch

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two nooka watches - night and gold

Nooka is a very modern and interesting New York based fashion design company that for the last couple of years has revolutionized the face of modern timepieces. Its futuristic models are eye-catching, sophisticated and different than anything else we have ever seen. The Nooka Zex Watch is one of its most notable creations, an innovative watch that gets your attention right from the first moment.

The company has been founded by the artist/designer Matthew Waldman, a man with a passion for artfully constructed timepieces with a technological appeal. Nooka is the number one choice for those who adore state of the art watches that are enhanced by a techno-progressive design and maximum functionality.

The Nooka Zex watch was created in the company’s lab, a place where numerous very talented and young minds get together to create some of the most interesting designs with surprising features. Zex is a watch that stands out from the rest, a fashion statement that is incredibly appealing even for those who don’t yet have a passion for timepieces. It is the model that captures your attention with a large metallic case, an unusual dial and a completely different time-telling system.

The Zex name is actually a reminiscence of its hexagonal dial. Even though the 53 mm stainless steel case is round shaped, the actual dial has a hexagonal shape that intrigues the sight. The face is covered by a mineral crystal with a dark metallic gloss that emphasizes masculinity. Nooka is highly popular for its analogue dotted dials also known as the Zirc. The Zex is no exception. In the left side of the face there is a dotted circle which has exactly 12 dots. Each one indicates a particular hour when it lights up. On the lower part of the dial there is a graduated line with indexes from 0 to 60 which indicates the minutes. On the right side of the screen there are also indicators for PM, AM and for the alarm clock function.

The Nooka Zex watch with its oversized case is different than most timepieces created by the brand. The stunning detail about this model is that it is available in three modern color versions: IP gold, IP silver and IP black. The watch is complemented by a black Italian leather band.

Everyone knows that Nooka likes to do things a little bit differently and its Zex model with the square dial encapsulated by a round metallic case is one of its most interesting and best –selling designs. This cool looking watch has the unique advantage of mixing a masculine oversized case with an innovative face while preserving the traditional appeal of the round case and leather strap. It is the preferred timepiece of the contemporary watches enthusiast.


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