Sylvester Stallone Panerai Watches

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Sylvester Stallone isn’t just a very muscular celebrity; he is an iconic actor in the movie industry. Talented and intelligent, this connoisseur of art, literature and theater is also a fan of luxury timepieces. He loves everything about watches- from collecting and advertising to wearing and creating them. His passion doesn’t target expensive brands, but comfortable, reliable and practical pieces that offer a distinctive look and functionality.

The movie star owns numerous models from many different brands, but one watch company in particular resonates strongly in his collection. This is Officine Panerai. Sylvester Stallone’s and Panerai story started back in 1993, shortly after the company made its comeback on the market. The actor was visiting Italy and by accident he walked into the brand’s shop from Florence. He then realized that these are no ordinary watches, but very unique designs with a fierce personality.

Panerai Egiziano model

Panerai watches are well-known for being produced in extremely limited quantities. This detail and their military inspired design are the two main things that sky-rocketed the brand’s fame. Of course, the fact that Sylvester decided to wear a Panerai Luminor Marina Submersible chronometer in his 1995 “Daylight” thriller also helped re-establish the company as a significant player on the market of luxury watches. The model was a perfect fit for Sylvester’s character. With the purpose of taking advantage of this promotional opportunity, in 1995, Panerai decided to release a limited edition collection dedicated to Stallone. The name of this series was Slytech. Fans will surely remember that Sly is the actor’s nickname.

sylvester stallone Panerai 341 Egiziano

This was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Sylvester and Officine Panerai. In 2008, the star wears a Panerai Marina Base PVD on the set of “Rambo IV”. This oversized black case and black strap watch looks amazing on the wrist of John Rambo while he explores, runs and fights around the dangerous jungle.

The peak of this friendly collaboration is reached when the first “The Expendables” movie is shot. Stallone was the writer, director and producer and he decided that all the main characters are going to be filmed wearing a Panerai watch. If you watch the movie carefully you will notice a few close-ups of the timepieces. Sly’s passion for the brand is passed on to his colleagues Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham and Terry Crew who have been also spotted wearing Panerai watches in real life.


As expected, the story repeats itself with the second part of “The Expendables” which was released in 2010. Sylvester and his team of “bad guys” were filmed wearing Officine Panerai watches on their wrist. Surprise, surprise, the same thing happens in the third part of the movie. Of course, the fact that the actor has been seen wearing these timepieces in so many movies and at countless events represents a very important factor in the brand’s return on the market of luxury watches. Its new identity is defined by exclusivity, innovation and modern functionality.

Panerai Stallone

Between Sylvester Stallone and Officine Panerai there is a very strong friendship based on the fact that both the actor and the watch company have a smart, bold and original look that is incredibly appealing for those with a taste for adventure and performances.


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