John Travolta Breitling Navitimer

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Black dial Navitimer with chronograph

John Travolta is one of the best dressed actors from Hollywood, so there is no surprise that his accessories are always classy and one of a kind. He was seen more than a few times wearing a gorgeous Breitling Navitimer watch, and we understand why he made this choice; the watch is a perfect fit for his personality and his clothing preferences.

The Breitling Navitimer watch is a classic, and it is one of the favorite pieces worn by pilots and those who have aeronautics as passion since more than 60 years. The watch was first made in 1952, and although the design that the watch has today is almost identical to the original one, there are many improvements in the structure and the quality of the materials.

What makes the watch stand out is the high quality steel case and the black dial with red seconds hands. Travolta is wearing his Navitimer model AB012012-BB01BK with a black leather strap, but there are many versions available starting from brown leather to stainless steel. The watch itself can also be found in red gold version with different dial colors. No matter the materials, the Navitimer is a truly reliable piece that is not only good looking, but also of an outstanding performance.

Actor John Travolta showing off his Breitling Navitimer watch

It is water resistant like most of the Breitling watches and it can resist to a pressure of 3 bars, which is more than enough for regular daily use. The bezel is bidirectional and the crystal of the watch is as resistant as the rest of it, made from cambered sapphire and glare-proofed both sides. This means that no matter where you are and how you wear the watch, there will be no disturbing reflection on its surface. We understand why this would be so important for someone like John Travolta who is in front of the cameras more often than not.

For someone who doesn’t want to worry about changing the batteries of the watch, the Navitimer is perfect since it is selfwinding mechanical. It has a power reserve of at least 42 hours, more than enough for any situation. It works on the 2nd timezone and it also shows the date, not only the time. Its weight without the strap is 112 gr, so it is light enough to be comfortable and heavy enough to look good on any wrist.

On the market you will find plenty of versions of the Navitimer available, in different colors and made from different materials, but all of them have something in common: they are timeless pieces that will not only last forever, but they will also make a statement for the person who is wearing them.

No wonder that John Travolta is so attached to his Navitimer that he is wearing it both on the red carpet and when he is on a casual meeting outside. There is probably no other piece that would look as good as this one on his wrist!

Jay-Z Hublot Big Bang

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One of the most extravagant and expensive watches ever created was unveiled by Hublot. This completely diamonds-covered Big Bang model was priced at $5 million and it is a timepiece fitted for wealthy people with a fine taste for ‘bling’. The happy owner of this one-of-a-kind watch is Jay-Z. The rapper received this exclusivist Hublot Big Bang when he turned 43 years old from his beautiful and talented wife, Beyonce.

The watch is without a doubt the most expensive watch ever produced and no matter how rich you are, it just seems like a bit over the top to spend 5 million dollars on a timepiece. But when you’re Beyonce and you have a $300 million net worth, I guess that spending 5 million for your hubby’s birthday gift is not that impressive. The couple is famous for their extravagant tastes in jewelry, clothing, cars and lifestyle. Their previous gifts are even more expensive and outrageous than the diamonds Hublot Big Bang. A private island in Florida, a Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet and a Grand Veyron Sport are just a few of them.


Everyone knows that Jay-Z is a huge watches collector. He always mentions expensive brands in his songs and wears luxury timepieces on his wrist when he goes out. For a charity campaign Audemars Piguet has designed a special edition Royal Oak dedicated to Jay-Z. Recently, the celebrity has changed his brands preferences from Audemars Piguet to Hublot. Because he was seen wearing numerous Big Bang model, the chairman of Hublot invited the singer to visit their Switzerland based factory. Of course, this honor was rewarded by Jay-Z as he mentioned the Hublot name in his music video “Otis”. And there’s more. Jay-Z also has a multi-media magazine Life+Times where he posted an exclusive video of Hublot and Chairman Jean-Claude Biver.

The $5 million Hublot Big Bang is part of a limited edition collection. For each of the last few years, Hublot has manufactured one extremely expensive diamonds edition Big Bang model. The collection was named One Million Dollar Big Bang and the one owned by Jay-Z is currently the most expensive one. The watch is very opulent and pretentious as it is fully covered by diamonds. The dial, the bezel, the case, the winding crown and the bracelet are adorned with perfectly shaped and sized diamonds. The timepiece also has a very beautiful functional detail- the tourbillon window that allows you to see the inside automatic movement. This part enchants even the most pretentious watch collector. It is a nice aesthetic and engineering touch.

Believe it or not, it took Hublot 14 months of work to find, cut and fit the 1282 diamonds used on this Big Bang model. 12 diamond cutters, 5 jewelry setters and a master cutter with 40 years of experience worked around the clock to make this $5 million watch perfect.

Naturally, Jay-Z wears this very expensive and extravagant Hublot Big Bang only at private events where he can ensure the highest level of security for his one of a kind watch. It is the bling jewelry that only a star of Jay-Z’s caliber could wear with style and distinction.

Kobe Bryant Nubeo Mamba Watch

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We can see Kobe Bryant in this picture wearing a beautiful Nubeo Mamba watch on his wrist. Kobe Bryant is an American basketball player who plays for the L.A. Lakers. His career is very prolific and he started being famous since high school when he played amazing football so after graduation he was elected in the NBA. Nubeo actually asked him to produce a series of very high end watches for them.

He designed his own line and is wearing one of those beauties in this picture. It is of course, a very limited edition and some of the pieces go up to $250,000, so it’s just for those who can afford paying such a big price for a watch. Fortunately, you can also get cheaper versions, for $20,000 dollars if you really want to wear one of these.

Kobe Bryant with Nubeo

So what does the ad campaign for this watch tell us? This watch is definitely fit for a real man with a powerful figure. It has 48mm and it is made with titanium, ceramic crowns and rubber. It has a very smooth feel and a great design. This is just the low cost model because when it comes to the extravagant edition, the creators went really far. It features 48 black or orange sapphires and 72 smaller sapphires around the chronograph. If you are wondering about its durability and the mechanism, you should know that the crown is made with 14 components and the whole watch is made from DLC, titanium, rubber, and ceramics – all of these are probably the most durable things on Earth, just like this watch. It also features a Valjous 7750 automatic mechanical movement that works perfectly. What makes this watch really unique is the fact that it contains so many high end pieces without being a show off of opulence like other brands on the market from the same category. This definitely shows that the wearer has good taste and prefers quality over prestige. As you can see, everything about this product screams roughness and manliness, so it’s definitely made for real men, men like Kobe Bryant.


Angelina Jolie With Cartier Tank Louis

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As Angelina Jolie has been voted overtime to be the most beautiful women in the world, it’s only natural for her to wear a watch that bears the same rating and class, the marvelous Tank Louis Cartier.  This celebrity watch, just as Angelina Jolie, is considered to be a legend and it’s known that Louis Cartier offered it as a gift only to his closest friends. Today’s version of this watch is just as appreciated as the first was back in 1992 and is still considered to be one of the finest and perfect watches ever manufactured by Cartier.

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