Hillary Clinton Chanel J12

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Hillary Clinton has always been one of the most elegant and stylish presences within the U.S political stage, but the most remarkable thing about her is that she has never loved showing off any designer tags. Probably, when the former First Lady and Secretary of State has been spotted wearing a white ceramic lady’s Chanel J12 diamond watch she managed to surprise everyone.

There is no doubt about it; the Chanel J12 is one of the most popular luxury women watches on the globe. This chic white timepiece crafted from high quality ceramic and adorned with diamonds is a true fashion icon. There are many versions of the Chanel J12, some more extravagant than others, but the one worn by Hillary Clinton exudes simplicity and refinement due to its clean design and sophisticated diamonds decoration. The first time when she was seen publicly with the aforementioned timepiece was at a press conference with Qatar’s prime minister and foreign minister.

j12 chanel Clinton

Even though the Chanel J12 has a very complex design, Hillary Clinton managed to accessorize it very nicely with pearl earrings. She was completely focused on creating a beautiful white shine to go with her stylish outfit. She was super chic in a black and turquoise boucle jacket complemented by plain black pants. The black and white combo was a very sophisticated fashion choice, one that evoked the defining attributes of the iconic Chanel style.

It is a well-known fact that her husband Bill Clinton is a huge watch enthusiast and I think it is safe to assume that he initiated Hillary into the world of luxury timepieces. And this was all it took for the former First Lady and Secretary of State to start trying on a primmer, high society look. She left behind her usual bohemian style represented by loose, colorful jackets and original jewelry and replaced it with neutral tailored pieces perfected by her chunky Chanel J12.

There really is no big secret; U.S. celebrities love wearing a Chanel J12 watch. From top models to famous actresses, everyone has at least one Chanel J12 in their collection. Stars like Scarlett Johansson, Kiera Knightley, Heidi Montag, Anna Kournikova, Mila Kunis, Katherine Heigl and Nikki Minaj have one thing in common- a spectacular Chanel J12. Even though the famous French fashion house has created many watch designs, the J12 is by far the most popular one. It has been released at the end of the 90’s and it was at that time the first unisex model created by Chanel.

The secret of its success was the smart mix of discrete feminine details with an utterly masculine design. The Chanel J12 is available in black, pink, white and silver and it features a quartz movement. The case measures 28 mm, 38 mm, 41 mm or 42 mm, and it is made from a very glossy ceramic glass decorated with semi-precious stones and real diamonds.