Paris Hilton Rolex

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A lot can be said about celebrities nowadays, however, the news that keeps up with famous people all around the world, often shows a weakness for noticing the smaller things involved in celebrities’ daily lives. Paris Hilton, for example, is a very stylish and current celebrity with the knowledge of constant fashion and clothing appeal. As we all know, fashion is something to be noticed, and for Paris Hilton, one of the best ways to show off that fashion is with watches that have been in the main eye for quite some time.


Paris Hilton has been known for her many talents. She is versed in a variety of occupations, such as: modeling, singing, acting, being a DJ, as well as a business woman and author. With the world at her fingertips, Paris has provided the world with a great service in all areas of her life. She has been singing with some of Hollywood’s greatest artists and is known for collaborating her own set of music as well. Paris has also been in many movies and displayed perfect credibility. While she is known for being a very famous daughter of the popular Hilton family, she has been seen in many forms of business because of her family name. Her most known attributes are displayed through various lines of perfume that she has distributed throughout the years as well as a very dominate fashion line. Also, Hilton has been known to display many of other fashion designer works as well as modeling them for the world to see. One of the great things about fame is the ability to bring to light the items that are often overlooked or aren’t getting enough attention. In today’s time, watches are often an item that’s overlooked by many. Our cellphones and other gadgets now allow us to carry around a clock at all times, often leaving the watch as a last minute thought. However, watches are still an option that remains in style and a stylish way to keep up with your time.

Of course, we have Paris Hilton with her many famous styles that show it is still possible to show off the intrigued option of the watch. There are also a couple examples that have been known to show up on Paris’s wrist as one of her styling choices.

Diamond GMT Master II 116759

One of the best options many people are going with is the Diamond Rolex GMT-Master II watch. This 18 karat white gold case set watch with diamonds is priced at a very high appeal. With its value running in at well over $400,000, it’s no wonder that this watch is one of the more appealing choices. With silver tone hands and dot hour markers, the style is undeniable. It’s set with scratch resistant crystal and also automatic movement. This is also a watch that Paris Hilton has been known to wear on many public outings.


Another great option that sits available for anyone interested in deep style, is the Rolex Everose Gold Daytona. While the watch is labeled as a men’s watch, this fabulous choice has been known to be unisex by many. Therefore, the watch is worn by both men and women respectfully. The watch offers automatic movement with beautiful red gold and is placed at well over $30,000 in pricing. Although this is watch is known to be worn by Paris Hilton herself and is considered highly popular, especially among men and women. The dials are gold plated with very defined hour markers. With 18 karat rose gold, this watch is an option that would not disappoint.

Rolex Everrose Gold Daytona Model 116505