Ori Takemura Kei Kei Watch

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Ori Takemura Kei Kei is an innovative concept that replaces the classic analog watch with a smart watch that displays the time by using a beauty of flickering fireflies, a magical reinterpretation of modern timepieces through the use of technology and natural themes. If you are the type of person that adores innovation dressed in a wonderful artfully construction then you will surely love this watch with a charismatic lyrical note.

Takemura Ori’s Qixen-P Design is famous for its revolutionary models and the Kei Kei watch is a concept that offers the functionality of a smart watch wrapped up in the amazing simplicity of fireflies. This model was designed to be more than just a time keeping device. It is a minimalist timepiece that has a dial constructed from a grid of LEDs. The fireflies swarm on the face of the watch predicting the weather, alerting the wearer about incoming phone calls or visualizing MP3s. Even though it is a smart device, it doesn’t display the incoming text messages or email notifications. It is a beautiful technological adornment with an artfully approach that is unique within the watches industry.

kei kei watch on a hand

The design is both interactive and playful. Its utilitarian side is sacrificed for the sake of uniqueness and originality. Nature is the main theme here. Fireflies are digitalized to introduce visual elements that fascinate the eye.  This is not a precise wristwatch, but a sophisticated timepiece that approximates the time by using lighted dots.

From the outside, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei watch is very common looking. It has a simple round case, a black LED dial with barely visible dark dots and a black strap. The fireflies that bring this timepiece to life can be “chased” away by swiping your finger over the dial. This way you can mute de device connected to thee watch. If you double tap the LED screen you bring the sound back.

Besides the time telling function, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei watch features Bluetooth sync control over cell phones, notifications about messages and phone calls, weather information and playing MP3 music from your phone. All these are offered in a nature-inspired way as opposed to the digital way specific for your typical smart watch.

This watch comes with a touch sensitive dial integrated with a grid of tiny LEDs and a mini USB on the bottom that can be used to charge and run firmware updates. By moving your wrist, you can activate the Kei Kei. You just turn the watch from a free position to a position that faces its wearer.

Surely, this is not a watch for everyone. It is a unique timepiece that was created for those who appreciate uniqueness more than technology. With an arty approach and a weakness for natural beauty, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei fascinates with the sophisticated way it mixes the traditional function of watches with the innovations of smart devices.