Windstar Watch Collection

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Windstar – Your New Favorite Watch

The Windstar is a special watch. Sure, you could argue that all of them are special in their own ways, but the Windstar truly stands out in a crowd and this is because it was designed for one type of person: one who loves and is addicted to sea travelling. The many features this watch comes with were designed for the sea lover, but this doesn’t mean that it can exclusively be used by sailors and those who own yachts. The Windstar collection is designed for those who love watches and want one with a personality in their personal collection.

The design

It is quite obvious that the first thing we will talk about here is the design of the Windstar. According to the official page of the collection, two elements inspired the makers to make the watches you will enjoy today: The Windstar and the Astrolabe. The Windstar is the compass with the four stars pointing to the four directions: North, South, East and West. It is completed by the astrolabe, which is an instrument that was used in the past by astrologists to navigate across the seas. These two elements create the outer design of the watch which can be purchase in three different colors: black, gold and silver, each more striking than the last.

Since the main theme of this watch is geometry and other domains that use geometry as the language they communicate through such as astrology and telling direction on the sea, the craftsmanship is sublime and promises to last a lifetime. The Windstar collection is crafted out of high quality components and materials and promises to last a lifetime, with a guarantee of 2 years at least.

The elements

The main element of the Windstar collection is the case, which is made of stainless steel. It has a few elements taken from a compass and the unique touches of the astrolabe design make it stand out from the crowd. The sides are finely polished and the bezel, the upper part of the case, is finished with a circular brush. The case is 44mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness. This makes the watch perfect for any wrist, not too big to eclipse the other jewelry you may be wearing but not too small either to be swallowed by the sleeve.

A nice and unique touch is given to the screw down crown, for setting up the time on the watch. The Windstar symbol is carefully crafted and placed on the screw down crown to give the watch a more interesting and elegant look.

The upper part of the case also has the four Windstar symbols engraved in it to give it a more authentic and unique look. The North, South, East and West are carved in their respective places on the case, finishing up the sailing look that is dominating the Windstar collection.

The movement

Another unique thing about the Windstar collection is that the makers are giving the buyer a choice when it comes to the movement. You can choose between a Chinese and a Swiss one, between Seagull TY2706 26 automatic movement jewels created by the Chinese and a Sellita SW 260 -1 31 jewels automatic movement created by the Swiss. Both have their advantages so choose wisely.

  1. The Seagull TY2706 26

The Seagull TY2706 26 is a movement designed by the Tianjin Seagull Watch Group, the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches in the world. Their designs are popular worldwide and many customers usually choose this option because it is reliable and after five or six years, there is almost no difference between it and the Swiss option. Moreover, the makers of the Windstar collection have personally tested this option for 11 months before using it for customers.

  1. The Sellita SW 260-1 31

The Swiss movements are known throughout the world to be highly precise. Many people choose the Sellita SW 260-1 31 because the company that manufactured it, Swatch Group, is known to have developed the SW 200, SW 300 and SW 500, all of them being some of the most used movements in the world. Usually, watchmakers borrow the basics of it and then add complications to make their movements unique.

In short, why should you buy the Windstar collection? Because it is unique, it gives off a sense of mathematical precision, it has multiple elements which make it unique such as the astrolabe shape and the Windstar symbols and you can choose which mechanical movement suits you best without having to compromise on the quality of the watch. And the best thing? You can purchase it with a discount from the Kickstarter campaign!

John Travolta Breitling Navitimer

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Black dial Navitimer with chronograph

John Travolta is one of the best dressed actors from Hollywood, so there is no surprise that his accessories are always classy and one of a kind. He was seen more than a few times wearing a gorgeous Breitling Navitimer watch, and we understand why he made this choice; the watch is a perfect fit for his personality and his clothing preferences.

The Breitling Navitimer watch is a classic, and it is one of the favorite pieces worn by pilots and those who have aeronautics as passion since more than 60 years. The watch was first made in 1952, and although the design that the watch has today is almost identical to the original one, there are many improvements in the structure and the quality of the materials.

What makes the watch stand out is the high quality steel case and the black dial with red seconds hands. Travolta is wearing his Navitimer model AB012012-BB01BK with a black leather strap, but there are many versions available starting from brown leather to stainless steel. The watch itself can also be found in red gold version with different dial colors. No matter the materials, the Navitimer is a truly reliable piece that is not only good looking, but also of an outstanding performance.

Actor John Travolta showing off his Breitling Navitimer watch

It is water resistant like most of the Breitling watches and it can resist to a pressure of 3 bars, which is more than enough for regular daily use. The bezel is bidirectional and the crystal of the watch is as resistant as the rest of it, made from cambered sapphire and glare-proofed both sides. This means that no matter where you are and how you wear the watch, there will be no disturbing reflection on its surface. We understand why this would be so important for someone like John Travolta who is in front of the cameras more often than not.

For someone who doesn’t want to worry about changing the batteries of the watch, the Navitimer is perfect since it is selfwinding mechanical. It has a power reserve of at least 42 hours, more than enough for any situation. It works on the 2nd timezone and it also shows the date, not only the time. Its weight without the strap is 112 gr, so it is light enough to be comfortable and heavy enough to look good on any wrist.

On the market you will find plenty of versions of the Navitimer available, in different colors and made from different materials, but all of them have something in common: they are timeless pieces that will not only last forever, but they will also make a statement for the person who is wearing them.

No wonder that John Travolta is so attached to his Navitimer that he is wearing it both on the red carpet and when he is on a casual meeting outside. There is probably no other piece that would look as good as this one on his wrist!

Luxury Watches Stores in Thailand

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Siam Paragon luxury mall entrance

Thailand is a country of immensely diverse natural and modern developments. A country comprised of 77 provinces each with a story to tell. With its Golden Triangle connections in the north, historical and rice producing central regions, vibrant capital and idyllic islands, Thailand can capture the mind of travelers for more than weeks.

In this unique part of the world most luxury jewelry brands can easily be found in special stores and in glamour malls like Siam Paragon which is an enormous upscale shopping mall and entertainment center. This fantastic mall has been built in 2005 at a cost of US$375 million, a true paradise of luxury and elegance. Since its launch, the complex has attracted large crowds of tourists and Thai people as well. It houses various stores of the most prestigious hi-end brands, the biggest and finest jewelry and watch center chic apparel, cutting edge fashion and beauty products, decorations, handicrafts, luxurious lifestyle products, broad range of delightful dining venues, all-time gourmet food market as well as superior entertainment opportunities. Once you arrive here you are hypnotized. All the top name brands are found in Siam Paragon, some of the most famous designers’ boutiques include Montblanc, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, Valentino, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Chloè, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo. The shopping complex is extremely glamorous and elegant. This dynasty-styled mega mall covers an area of 300,000 m² and is covered in opulence.

The luxury watches shops found here offer to their customers an impressive range of high end product so they can choose an unforgettable gift for their loved ones or for themselves.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has a few shops in Thailand. Most of them are located in Bangkok and in Phuket. Here you can admire and shop some of their amazing products. The strict tradition of Swiss watchmaking has been used to guarantee perfection for these wrist watches. Every single piece has been individually tested to ensure that it is water-resistant and functions flawlessly. Nevertheless, a limited International guarantee protects your investment against any manufacturing defect for a period of two years; a great reassurance for any customer.

Tag Heuer offers to all its customers an international guarantee card, located in the guarantee booklet received with the watch. This must be signed and dated at the time of purchase by an approved TAG Heuer retailer or, by a dedicated TAG Heuer Boutique and must be enclosed with the watch when it is sent for repairs. TAG Heuer will not honor the guarantee for watches sold without a valid guarantee card properly filled out and signed by an approved TAG Heuer retailer or by a dedicated TAG Heuer Boutique; this is a way to promote their product as being the best.

The prices of these spectacular watches range from $3,000 to more than $10.000, number that fade when you consider their unique design and exceptional craftsmanship.


Seiko is proud of being a classic watches manufacturer for over a century. Grand Seiko’s Caliber 9S is the pinnacle of Seiko’s watchmaking today, offering the very best watches for everyday use. It all started with a revolutionary vision which is now a reality.

Some of their iconic models are the Black Ceramic Limited Editions, Spring drives, Mechanical Hi-Beat and Grand Seiko Historical Collection. These are world known for their distinctive design and amazing accuracy.

Seiko is one of the numerous luxury watches shops that can be found in Bangkok. Located in the center of this colorful and loud Thai Capital, the store amazed its customer with a diversity of gorgeous timepieces. In order to prevent them from buying a fake watch Seiko staff warns every potential customer to be careful when they decide to purchase one of these products and they recommend not ordering a Seiko watch from any website, unless it is an authorized Seiko dealer. Their famous stores can be found in Thailand capital and only one shop in central of the city Nonthaburi.


If you want to experience a unique journey, from a watch’s initial inception to its amazing completion then we recommend a breath-taking insight into Montblanc’s evolution.

Why are Montblanc’s watches so exceptional? Because they are handmade by the finest of European craftsmanship; these iconic horological instruments have secured their cult status. At every step, you will find master craftsmen working diligently to input their expertise and passion into these fine wristwatches, creating incredible pieces that amaze even the most demanding customer.

There are three major Montblanc shops in Bangkok and many other across the country. Here you will find splendid watches, fine writing instrument, stunning leather products, elegant jewelry, enthralling fragrances and contemporary eyewear. Discover the all-encompassing collection that Montblanc has to offer.

Ori Takemura Kei Kei Watch

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Ori Takemura Kei Kei is an innovative concept that replaces the classic analog watch with a smart watch that displays the time by using a beauty of flickering fireflies, a magical reinterpretation of modern timepieces through the use of technology and natural themes. If you are the type of person that adores innovation dressed in a wonderful artfully construction then you will surely love this watch with a charismatic lyrical note.

Takemura Ori’s Qixen-P Design is famous for its revolutionary models and the Kei Kei watch is a concept that offers the functionality of a smart watch wrapped up in the amazing simplicity of fireflies. This model was designed to be more than just a time keeping device. It is a minimalist timepiece that has a dial constructed from a grid of LEDs. The fireflies swarm on the face of the watch predicting the weather, alerting the wearer about incoming phone calls or visualizing MP3s. Even though it is a smart device, it doesn’t display the incoming text messages or email notifications. It is a beautiful technological adornment with an artfully approach that is unique within the watches industry.

kei kei watch on a hand

The design is both interactive and playful. Its utilitarian side is sacrificed for the sake of uniqueness and originality. Nature is the main theme here. Fireflies are digitalized to introduce visual elements that fascinate the eye.  This is not a precise wristwatch, but a sophisticated timepiece that approximates the time by using lighted dots.

From the outside, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei watch is very common looking. It has a simple round case, a black LED dial with barely visible dark dots and a black strap. The fireflies that bring this timepiece to life can be “chased” away by swiping your finger over the dial. This way you can mute de device connected to thee watch. If you double tap the LED screen you bring the sound back.

Besides the time telling function, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei watch features Bluetooth sync control over cell phones, notifications about messages and phone calls, weather information and playing MP3 music from your phone. All these are offered in a nature-inspired way as opposed to the digital way specific for your typical smart watch.

This watch comes with a touch sensitive dial integrated with a grid of tiny LEDs and a mini USB on the bottom that can be used to charge and run firmware updates. By moving your wrist, you can activate the Kei Kei. You just turn the watch from a free position to a position that faces its wearer.

Surely, this is not a watch for everyone. It is a unique timepiece that was created for those who appreciate uniqueness more than technology. With an arty approach and a weakness for natural beauty, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei fascinates with the sophisticated way it mixes the traditional function of watches with the innovations of smart devices.

Kobe Bryant Nubeo Mamba Watch

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We can see Kobe Bryant in this picture wearing a beautiful Nubeo Mamba watch on his wrist. Kobe Bryant is an American basketball player who plays for the L.A. Lakers. His career is very prolific and he started being famous since high school when he played amazing football so after graduation he was elected in the NBA. Nubeo actually asked him to produce a series of very high end watches for them.

He designed his own line and is wearing one of those beauties in this picture. It is of course, a very limited edition and some of the pieces go up to $250,000, so it’s just for those who can afford paying such a big price for a watch. Fortunately, you can also get cheaper versions, for $20,000 dollars if you really want to wear one of these.

Kobe Bryant with Nubeo

So what does the ad campaign for this watch tell us? This watch is definitely fit for a real man with a powerful figure. It has 48mm and it is made with titanium, ceramic crowns and rubber. It has a very smooth feel and a great design. This is just the low cost model because when it comes to the extravagant edition, the creators went really far. It features 48 black or orange sapphires and 72 smaller sapphires around the chronograph. If you are wondering about its durability and the mechanism, you should know that the crown is made with 14 components and the whole watch is made from DLC, titanium, rubber, and ceramics – all of these are probably the most durable things on Earth, just like this watch. It also features a Valjous 7750 automatic mechanical movement that works perfectly. What makes this watch really unique is the fact that it contains so many high end pieces without being a show off of opulence like other brands on the market from the same category. This definitely shows that the wearer has good taste and prefers quality over prestige. As you can see, everything about this product screams roughness and manliness, so it’s definitely made for real men, men like Kobe Bryant.