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Windstar – Your New Favorite Watch

The Windstar is a special watch. Sure, you could argue that all of them are special in their own ways, but the Windstar truly stands out in a crowd and this is because it was designed for one type of person: one who loves and is addicted to sea travelling. The many features this watch comes with were designed for the sea lover, but this doesn’t mean that it can exclusively be used by sailors and those who own yachts. The Windstar collection is designed for those who love watches and want one with a personality in their personal collection.

The design

It is quite obvious that the first thing we will talk about here is the design of the Windstar. According to the official page of the collection, two elements inspired the makers to make the watches you will enjoy today: The Windstar and the Astrolabe. The Windstar is the compass with the four stars pointing to the four directions: North, South, East and West. It is completed by the astrolabe, which is an instrument that was used in the past by astrologists to navigate across the seas. These two elements create the outer design of the watch which can be purchase in three different colors: black, gold and silver, each more striking than the last.

Since the main theme of this watch is geometry and other domains that use geometry as the language they communicate through such as astrology and telling direction on the sea, the craftsmanship is sublime and promises to last a lifetime. The Windstar collection is crafted out of high quality components and materials and promises to last a lifetime, with a guarantee of 2 years at least.

The elements

The main element of the Windstar collection is the case, which is made of stainless steel. It has a few elements taken from a compass and the unique touches of the astrolabe design make it stand out from the crowd. The sides are finely polished and the bezel, the upper part of the case, is finished with a circular brush. The case is 44mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness. This makes the watch perfect for any wrist, not too big to eclipse the other jewelry you may be wearing but not too small either to be swallowed by the sleeve.

A nice and unique touch is given to the screw down crown, for setting up the time on the watch. The Windstar symbol is carefully crafted and placed on the screw down crown to give the watch a more interesting and elegant look.

The upper part of the case also has the four Windstar symbols engraved in it to give it a more authentic and unique look. The North, South, East and West are carved in their respective places on the case, finishing up the sailing look that is dominating the Windstar collection.

The movement

Another unique thing about the Windstar collection is that the makers are giving the buyer a choice when it comes to the movement. You can choose between a Chinese and a Swiss one, between Seagull TY2706 26 automatic movement jewels created by the Chinese and a Sellita SW 260 -1 31 jewels automatic movement created by the Swiss. Both have their advantages so choose wisely.

  1. The Seagull TY2706 26

The Seagull TY2706 26 is a movement designed by the Tianjin Seagull Watch Group, the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches in the world. Their designs are popular worldwide and many customers usually choose this option because it is reliable and after five or six years, there is almost no difference between it and the Swiss option. Moreover, the makers of the Windstar collection have personally tested this option for 11 months before using it for customers.

  1. The Sellita SW 260-1 31

The Swiss movements are known throughout the world to be highly precise. Many people choose the Sellita SW 260-1 31 because the company that manufactured it, Swatch Group, is known to have developed the SW 200, SW 300 and SW 500, all of them being some of the most used movements in the world. Usually, watchmakers borrow the basics of it and then add complications to make their movements unique.

In short, why should you buy the Windstar collection? Because it is unique, it gives off a sense of mathematical precision, it has multiple elements which make it unique such as the astrolabe shape and the Windstar symbols and you can choose which mechanical movement suits you best without having to compromise on the quality of the watch. And the best thing? You can purchase it with a discount from the Kickstarter campaign!


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  1. Without doubt, one of the best watch designs to appear on Kickstarter in recent times. A very unique design, visually stunning from every angle, carefully thought out and subtly styled nautical details, high quality finishing and outstanding materials throughout. For a keen sailor & watch enthusiast like me, this was a no brainer to support, and I’d encourage anyone with a passion for sailing and/or watches to consider getting in early and backing this project. I’ve a feeling we’re going to see some stunning designs come out of this new watch company in the months and years ahead…

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